The Benefits of Using Towne Mailer for Your Direct Mail Campaign 

Direct mail is a great way to communicate with your customers. It can be customized to suit your company’s needs and is affordable to send. The US Postal Service encourages local businesses to use direct mail. There are several types of mailers to choose from, including postcards, letters, and catalogs. 

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Towne Mailer is a full-service printing and mailing company that specializes in invoice printing, statement printing, and mail services. They have 20 years of experience providing clients with top-notch printing and mail services. You’ll be glad to know that they can save you money and time. Aside from their mail services, they also offer a variety of other business-related services. 

One of the many benefits of using a print shop is that they can make suggestions for a good direct mail campaign. For example, you might want to try sending out a free sample. Freebies are a good incentive and a great way to get your name in front of your target market. 

If you’re looking for a more personalized solution, you might consider using a custom design. Your direct mail piece should reference your customer’s purchase history, if possible. Also, make sure that your fonts and images match your branding guidelines. This is especially important if you’re creating a postcard. 

Another good reason to outsource your printing and mailing needs is that it will free up your employees’ time to do other things. This means less turnover and more productivity, as well as a happier staff. 

The cheapest form of direct mail is the postcard. These are easy to assemble and send. However, they do factor in the cost of the paper, stamps, and design time. Of course, you can’t forget about the delivery. 

Using the right data is the key to a successful direct mail campaign. By having a well-defined target audience, you’ll be able to hyper-target your messages. Among the data that you’ll need are geographic and demographic data. Depending on your business, this may include things like age, gender, education level, and occupation. While you’re at it, don’t forget to include psychographic data such as hobbies, interests, and lifestyles. All of this information can be incorporated into your next direct mail campaign to make it more effective. 

As for the most efficient direct mail campaign, you’ll need a reputable direct mail vendor to do the job. Those who have been in the printing and mailing business for a while have likely learned a thing or two about how to best represent your constituents in the most economical and timely manner. With Towne Mailer, you can rest assured that your company will not only receive top-notch services but will also be rewarded with a higher ROI. 

To get the most out of a direct mail campaign, you’ll need to send a handful of test mailings. Be sure that your sales team is keeping an eye out for new contacts between sends.