Where Can I Find Direct Mail Catalogs? 

There are many ways to find Direct Mail Logistics catalogs, but some of the most common are in retail stores. These include the MoMA Design Store, Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Orvis. You can also opt out of receiving these mailers altogether by calling customer service. In many cases, you can also opt out from retail store circulars online, as long as you’re a customer. Usually, these emails contain an “unsubscribe” line. However, unless you contact the retail store directly, you’ll still receive the snail mail.

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MoMA Design Store 

In recent years, the MoMA Design Store has expanded into home decor and furniture. It offers everything from petite collage wooden Ferris Wheels to colorblock cloth napkins. It also sells jewelry and electronic devices. While many catalogs are geared toward high-end buyers, this one aims to reach a broader demographic. 


Nordstrom Inc., a Seattle-based retailer that makes designer apparel, will release a new women’s direct-mail catalog on July 1. The catalog, called Nordstrom 2nd Nature, will focus on moderate-priced apparel, footwear, and accessories. It will feature a relaxed, contemporary look. It will include separates from David Dart and San Francisco Clothing Co., as well as footwear from Dexter, Moda Espana, and DKNY. Additionally, it will carry Nordstrom’s Classiques Entier line. 


Direct mail is a great way for companies to reach consumers in a variety of ways. The multichannel approach allows companies to marshal the resources of all channels to fulfill customer requests. As a result, Orvis has seen a fourteen percent increase in retail sales since the company began using this strategy. 

  1. Crew

In 1991, J. Crew mailed seventy-five thousand copies of its J. Crew direct mail catalogs and sixty-five thousand Clifford & Wills catalogs to Canadian consumers. While response rates were lower than in the United States, orders were higher. The catalogs received a warm response and the company mailed a second round in September 1991, sending a total of one hundred and twenty-five thousand copies. The Canadian catalog market was unique because of the relatively few stores that carried such catalogs. The company was also able to collect the names of Canadian consumers more easily, which aided in the catalog’s success. 

Karen Kane 

There are two ways to get Karen Kane direct mail catalogs. The first way is to go online and request one. You can also sign up for a mailer by filling out a simple form. If you do not receive one, you can request one by phone. 

Title Nine clothing 

Title Nine clothing is a women-owned clothing company. The company was founded in 1989 by Missy Park. Named after a 1972 federal law, Title Nine clothing offers high-performance, athleisure essentials. Its brands include Tracksmith, an independent running brand that honors the Amateur spirit.