Why You Should Outsource Direct Mail Fulfillment?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing direct mail fulfillment, there are several reasons to do so. It’s time-consuming to produce, print, and post direct mail. Outsourcing direct mail will take care of all of that for you, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks. Not to mention that you’ll get a higher response rate from your direct mail marketing. Read on to learn more. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of outsourcing direct mail fulfillment.

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Cost of outsourcing direct mail fulfillment

When you outsource your direct mail fulfillment, you’re saving money and reducing the stress of managing your mail campaign. By hiring a fulfillment company, you can boost your efficiency and response time, and free up in-house employees for other jobs. Outsourcing direct mail fulfillment to a fulfillment company will reduce your mailing costs and ensure that your mail reaches your customers as intended. Here’s why. Read on to learn about the advantages of outsourcing your direct mail fulfillment.
– Postage and printing charges: Outsourcing your direct mail campaigns has several benefits. Direct mail is cheap, but the postage and printing charges can add up. Automation solutions eliminate all these expenses, eliminating the need to calculate each separately and contact each vendor. You’ll also get tracking and dashboard control of the whole process. A direct mail API also comes with data security and inbuilt templates. So you’ll be able to see exactly how much each piece costs.

The time-consuming process of producing, printing, and posting direct mail

Previously, the time-consuming process of producing, printing, and postage of direct mail meant spending weeks planning and gathering resources. Every step in the process was either done manually or semi-manually, from importing data in PDFs or CSV files to sorting and loading paper into a printer. Once the mail is ready, it requires time and space to fold envelopes, stuff them with the right amount of information, and add stamps.
The cost of a direct mail campaign will vary depending on the type of mail piece, quantity, and packaging. Large mailers, meanwhile, cost between $10 and $30 per piece. Designing a mail piece will also cost money, so make sure to budget accordingly. If you don’t have the necessary design skills, you can do the basic design yourself in Microsoft Word for free, but for more complex designs, you’ll need to buy a template. A professional designer will charge professional rates.

An increased response rate of a direct mail marketing

Outsourcing your database marketing solution to a professional agency will increase your response rate, based on the number of responses received. According to a recent study, 70% of people prefer to receive direct mail over emails because they perceive them as more personal. This personalization factor can help increase response rates by as much as 135%. You can even personalize your mailings to show customers who your mailings are designed for.
In general, the response rate for direct mail pieces is the highest for consumers 45-54. Many successful marketing campaigns know exactly what type of consumers will respond to their pieces. For example, you wouldn’t send an ad to a vegetarian restaurant’s mailing list. However, people aged 45-54 respond most to direct mail pieces. The response rate for these mailings is 14.1% higher than for Generation Z, which is more reachable on social media.