Is your business growing faster than you can handle? Are you finding yourself bogged down in the mundane process of communicating with your ever-growing client base through printing and mailing? Are you having trouble getting your communication out to your customers in a timely fashion? Are you looking to acquire new customers through a tactful and effective direct mail campaign? Or are you just interested in ways to increase your business’s profitability by increasing all-around efficiency?

If any of these questions apply to you and your business, then it is definitely time to consider outsourcing your print and mail services.

Take a look at the top reasons to consider outsourcing:

1. The improvement of digital forms of communication and the need for decreased print volume.

2. Lowering the cost of print and delivery.

3. Taking advantage of rising technologies that are not readily available in-house.

4. Focusing manpower and money on your primary businesses products and services.

5. Capturing an adjustable cost model that optimizes and tracks your print and mail spending.

Once you start to take a closer look at your true expenditures, you will quickly realize outsourcing much of it is a strong move. Upon closer inspection, you will find that several choices are available for your printing and mailing needs.

These options are not a one-size-fits-all solution, so a more comprehensive evaluation is called for. Often, a mixture of vendor and service options is optimal but, when considering outsourcing print and mail services, the right company will be your one-stop-shop for all your printing and mailing requirements.

When looking to outsource any services, take into consideration the following:

Each vendor has a correct fit and role that can help your company. The trouble is choosing the right option according to your firm’s needs and business requirements.

Make no mistake, choosing the right vendor and outsourcing service, in particular print and mail, should be exercised through a diligent process of questions, answers, and research. However, companies such as Towne Mailer, can produce savings of up to 10-15% and more, all the while freeing up valuable payroll costs.

The primary thing is that print production and delivery has become commodity-based, with volume discounts expected to those who utilize these services. Your competitors are leveraging variable cost models for commodity services. Why aren’t you?

The Power of Print Processing

Print and mailing will always be an essential component in the majority of companies’ marketing mix, in spite of the increased ways to communicate digitally. This principle especially applies to small and independent businesses.

The increased enhancement of client connectivity breeds new problems for those in charge, because, now, reaching customers means mastering multiple channels of communications. On top of this, the balance of minimizing financial expenditures becomes even more tricky. Many shot-callers are making the decision to simplify procedures and workflow by outsourcing their print management.

Print Management Outsourcing

Print management outsourcing simply means the accumulation and consolidation of print-related sources and services by means of a printing and mailing company. A reputable print and mail service contain essential processes, procedures, and industry-specific solutions that maximize print production and distribution, planning print with communications across all channels and leveraging print spending to produce significant savings. When companies outsource, they have the chance to direct much more of their inner actions toward their core businesses. Outsourcing print management permits companies to get access to the latest print capabilities and technologies.

Advantages from subcontracting include:

Maximizing your cost and labor resources, fully optimized customer communications, and stress-free process. You will reach more customers and prospects more efficiently and be able to push revenue and retention while the experts handle your print and mail needs.

Improve your brand identity by ensuring you have sleek, professional-looking marketing communications generated and delivered in a timely manner.

Have access to commercial print capabilities. The right print and mailing service will be able to handle ALL of your needs – big or small.

Enhanced compliance and professionalism means decreased risk.

Reaching Customers Through The Mail

Among the biggest added benefits to print management outsourcing is leveraging its distribution features. Vendors with substantial knowledge in print-stream engineering and file-based processing help support appropriately personalized and coordinated mail. This could lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty while following compliance and privacy regulations. Working together with an outsourcing provider that has experience in print and mail can provide you with even greater results. It could actually produce print and mail savings and bring about flexibility to test different marketing messages and strategies without losing postal discounts.

Who Benefits Most from Print Management Outsourcing?

Larger companies can save up to 30% of their overall print spend, while small to mid-size companies can expect to save 10-15% and possibly more. The cost savings are definitely substantial for all companies, but the biggest benefit is the ability to save on payroll expense by eliminating the print and mail process from your day to day operations. Outsourcing your print and mailing services means you can either reduce your overall payroll costs or target it in a different direction, such as customer service or client outreach.

Companies with disconnected print workflows and sporadic print expenditures.

Companies with restricted print sourcing expertise and technology.

Companies whose procurement methods allow each department and location to choose their own print vendors.

Selecting the Proper Print and Mail Provider

To determine the right print management outsourcing vendor, you will need to be able to recognize the following qualities in the provider:

Print Business Expertise

In the ever-changing print environment, companies should partner with a vendor that is experienced in business process optimization and has a wide set of skills and solutions across all facets of document management – especially statements and invoices. The preferable vendor will stay abreast of all communications, print, and mail trends in order to keep your company at the forefront of the industry.

Performance, Quality, and Credibility

Your business needs a print and mail provider that you can depend on and have confidence in. The service provider should help provide consistent quality, no matter the volume, time restrictions, or needed adjustments. The right vendor will offer client testimonials and reviews that reinforce the credibility of their brand.


To obtain the most out of your print management outsourcing solution, select a provider who takes a consultative approach towards interacting with clients and a holistic perspective of the communications process. The right vendor will work with your organization, rather than just for it.

Given the increasing challenges of the industry, print and mail outsourcing provides the ability to keep costs down, support compliance, control branding, and improve client communications.

Discovering the right outsourcing provider will help support your success

The Bottom Line

If your company happens to be like most others, you are most likely seeing an increase in costs that are associated with the business. This is why outsourcing your printing services can be the best thing you’ve ever done for your company.

In-House Printing and Mailing

Handling the entire printing and mailing operation is by no means an easy task. The do it yourself approach is not always the most effective one. The printing and mailing process can be complex and time-consuming. Sometimes business owners just want to spend little to no money, which is why all of their printing and mailing is done in-house. There’s a lot that goes into the printing process.

Invoices have to be collated, folded, stuffed and sealed. Then each and every envelope has to be attached with postage and a correct address. Making use of an external service provider for your invoice printing could help save your company time and money. Sometimes it’s not always about quantity but quality. The quality of the service that you’re being provided has to be great. This will give you the best return on your investment. This is something that you should keep in mind when considering outsourced printing and mailing services for your business.

Why Towne Mailer

One of the main issues that we discover again and again is the matter of time. Do you find your staff is drawn away from their primary roles to take care of the printing, binding, and finishing off your latest print project? This is a time-consuming process so let the professionals do what they do best and let your staff concentrate on their core roles. Attain the benefits associated with having Towne Mailer handle your printing and mailing services. Having consistent, top quality finished products will lead to a far more remarkable end product and add to your bottom line.

Most significantly – discontinue working with printer malfunctions & repairs and the heavy cost of paper, ink, binding & finishing materials, and your staff’s time. Preserve your money and your sanity and outsource your printing needs to Towne Mailer. As you will only be paying for what you need, you won’t have to stock endless supplies at the end of each day. Relax, unwind, and know that your printing is in the right hands!

If you’re ready to outsource the printing and mailing of your invoices to a reputable company, Contact Towne Mailer today to learn more about our services. You won’t regret it!

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