Important Considerations For When to Do Direct Mail.

There are many important considerations for when to do direct mail. Sending your mail on Sunday is not only unprofessional, but it’s also disturbing. Most people are at home and relaxed on Sundays, so encroaching on their personal space is inappropriate. Besides, your targeted audience is likely away for the weekend and getting some rest before starting the new week. And, of course, mailing on Sunday is extremely expensive! Consider these tips:

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Incorporating direct mail into the consideration stage

When your prospect is in the consideration stage of the buying cycle, your goal is to leave no stone unturned. This means that you should focus on offering relevant information and services and positioning yourself as a solution to the prospect’s problems. Your message should inform prospects of your services or products while highlighting the strengths and value of your business. Using direct mail to reach this stage of the buyer’s journey is a powerful strategy for guiding prospects down the sales funnel.
If you want your direct mail to convert, you must understand the buyer’s decision-making cycle. Incorporate direct mail into your marketing mix by sending a teaser email to let consumers know about special offers. Teaser emails are important because they set expectations, remind consumers that they need to act quickly, and reinforce the value of the direct mail piece. Moreover, they allow you to build an email list of interested consumers.

Sending direct mail during a customer’s birthday month

A good strategy for sending direct mail during a customer’s birthday is to customize your birthday promotions mailing list by gender, age, children, and income. If you only plan to mail direct mail once a month, consider purchasing a three-month list. This way, your mailings can arrive in the mailbox before the end of the month. Also, consider a BOGO offer for free entry if the customer brings a birthday card.
Another great way to personalize your marketing is to send birthday postcards and emails. Customers expect cards in the mail and gifts during the holiday season. They also like to receive coupons and discounts during this time of year. Using direct mail during a customer’s birthday month can increase your customer base and sales. These campaigns are also cheap and have predictable returns. Some companies even automate birthday postcards and mail them automatically.

Sending direct mail on a Tuesday

The most common mistake most marketers make is sending direct mail on a Tuesday. This is because mailers are often sent on a bank holiday, which many people don’t expect. Furthermore, most people don’t expect to get mail on a bank holiday and may even resent it. When preparing your mailing dates, you need to include bank holidays as well. In other words, if a bank holiday falls on a Tuesday, your delivery date might be pushed to Wednesday or Thursday instead. That could ruin the performance of your campaign.
While it is possible to send direct mail on any day of the week, certain days are more beneficial for sending mail than others. Monday is the day most households receive their household mail. Because it is a weekday, direct mail sent on a Monday is likely to compete with that mail. In addition, since most people are away on the weekend, they are likely to disregard it. However, if you choose to send your mail on a Tuesday, make sure to package it well so that your mail arrives promptly.