What Will Happen If the Mail Didn’t Work? 

If you can’t find your package or mail, you can request redelivery. You can also ask the postal service to leave a notice on your front porch. If the latter option is not available, you can always request that your mail be sent to another address.

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If you are unable to receive your mail or package, will forward it to the address you provided. This is necessary for several instances, including if you have moved or if the previous resident did not update their address. If this happens, you must contact USPS and let them know about your change of address. They will then either forward the mail or package to the correct address, or return it to the sender. 

Mail forwarding is a helpful service when it works, but it’s not perfect and is prone to mistakes. Although the USPS generally gets mail forwarding right, you should be aware of the common mistakes it makes. Even if you’ve followed the directions carefully, things can still go wrong. If you receive a mail or package that is incorrectly forwarded by USPS, you may never know that it was forwarded. Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to resolve. 

You can request a redelivery 

If your mail doesn’t come when you expect it to, you can request redelivery at your local post office. However, the process is not as simple as filling out an application for re-delivery. First, you must make sure that your name is correct and that you live at the address on the form. Second, you must provide Acceptable Identification so that you can be picked up at the local post office. Finally, if the mail is an item that requires a signature, you must sign the letter or form. 

If your mail doesn’t come to your home or business, the carrier may leave a “Redelivery Notice” on your door or in your mailbox. It contains information about your mailpiece, as well as instructions on how to get it delivered again. Alternatively, you can pick up your package at the nearest Post Office.