What Website Will Let Me Design My Direct Mail Postcards? 

A direct mail postcard is a great way to promote your business or brand. It’s inexpensive, easy to print, and can be shared via email or posted on social media. Postcards are available in many different sizes, making them a popular choice for marketing campaigns. 

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Direct mail is a powerful way to reach customers on a personal level. They can help you establish a connection that sets your business apart from your competitors. If you want to design your postcards, there are a variety of websites that can offer you the resources you need. Some services will provide you with templates, while others offer you the opportunity to customize your product. 

VistaPrint is a popular choice among companies looking for affordable, high-quality direct mail services. It offers a variety of products, including mailing lists, postcards, and even promotional swag. The company also provides quick turnaround times, making it the perfect choice for those who need to have their postcards ready for mailing within just a few days. 

When it comes to creating a postcard, the site offers a library of premade postcard templates. In addition, the site features a robust online editor that allows you to upload your design or choose from its many predesigned options. Users can search by category or industry, and even filter designs by size, color, and main colors. 

MOO is another website that offers a great selection of modern-looking templates for direct mail marketing campaigns. These materials are designed to make people stop and take notice. However, this service does not offer a particularly intuitive design editor. Despite this, users can order up to 25 different designs in one run. 

While the postcards provided by these services are great, you may want to consider other types of advertising, such as newsletters. Newsletters are a particularly effective way to convey information to a client. You can create a newsletter that includes a QR code, which can be used to link to your landing page. This helps you generate leads from your direct mail campaign. 

Another option is to hire an in-house design team. PostcardMania, for instance, offers several unique features for designers, including the ability to select from thousands of predesigned postcards. Plus, you’ll be able to have your design reviewed before you send it out. Even better, you’ll be able to make unlimited revisions. 

Other companies, such as MyCreativeShop, allow you to customize your direct mail campaign. Using their online design tools, you can create custom boxes or boxes for your promotional mailers, and even have the mailing list processed by their team. 

While there are a few other options for those interested in designing their postcards, the easiest option is likely to be VistaPrint. This service offers a full range of design, printing, and mailing services, including standard postcards and oversized ones. Their mailing lists are targeted and can be based on demographic data. Moreover, the company has a 24-hour customer support department, so you’re sure to get the answers you need.