What Is Commercial Mailing Service? 

If you’re starting a new business or have outgrown your current mailing services, it might be time to consider using a commercial mailing service. This type of service is a cost-effective way to reach your audience. With this type of service, USPS will presort and affix postage for your mailings. It also helps you reduce your postage costs because USPS will presort your mail by ZIP code.

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Cost of commercial mailing service 

The cost of a commercial mailing service depends on several factors, including the size of the mailing, the number of mailpieces, and the type of mail. Some services have fixed rates, while others are flexible and offer custom pricing. For example, EasyPost has a one-stop shop for all your shipping needs. In addition to offering an array of services, EasyPost also offers a variety of pricing options. 

Direct mail service companies offer different pricing for different types of mail. First-class mail is the most expensive, and it includes priority processing, mail tracking, and a wide range of other features. A small postcard, for example, costs $0.40 to mail a first-class. In addition, approved mail houses can give significant discounts. Standard class mailing service is cheaper but offers less tracking and slower delivery. 

Types of services offered by commercial mailing services 

There are several types of commercial mailing services available today. While some focus on marketing and others on business mail, all can help you with your formal communication needs. While the attractive design is always a plus, a low-cost bulk mailing is a key factor to consider. Most business mail companies offer discounts for bulk orders and batch printing. 

One of the most popular types of commercial mail is catalogs. However, these publications are difficult to produce and require the services of professional designers, high-quality materials, and specialized printing equipment. This has led to the creation of special mailing brands that specialize in catalog marketing. These companies will handle all aspects of your catalog production, from the design phase to mailing. 

Cost of bulk mailing service 

The cost of commercial mailing services can vary depending on the type of mail you send. Most businesses will send a significant number of pieces each month or quarter. The best way to optimize your marketing budget is to find the most cost-effective bulk mailing option. By doing so, you can save a lot of money on business mailings. 

The USPS offers several bulk mailing services with discounted pricing. These services include Media Mail, Parcel Select, and Periodical Class. The price of bulk mail is based on the weight, destination, and type of mailing. Some mailing services also offer different sorting options. For example, some businesses may want to sort their mailing by ZIP+4 codes. Others may need to get mailing permits.