What to Write in an Envelope When Mailing? 

When you’re mailing a letter or a package, you’ll have to decide what to write on your envelope. You need to address it correctly. The address should include your name and return address, as well as the recipient’s address. Your stamp and directional information should also be included. You can use abbreviations or a specific person’s name. The information in your envelope should be accurate and easy to understand.


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Properly addressed envelopes include a return address, stamp, and recipient’s address 

An envelope should be correctly addressed by listing the return address, recipient’s name, and stamp. To make sure that mail pieces do not end up in the wrong hands, check the United States Postal Service’s Manual on Addressing Envelopes, which is updated frequently. The manual also provides tips on how to address your envelope. You may also want to read the instructions for mailing your package internationally. 

Directional information is important 

While addressing an envelope, directional information should not include the street address or P.O. box number. This is because the street address can vary depending on the location of the directional information. A post office box is a unique locking compartment that is not part of the general public street address. A post office box number is white on a black background. It is also important to include the directional location of the recipient. 

Avoid abbreviations 

First, when writing the recipient’s address, you should always include the full name of the person. In a residential address, the name of the person should appear first, followed by the street address, city, state, and zip code. Write these elements legibly. Abbreviations can confuse the post office and cause your mail to be delayed. In short, it will not look professional and you’ll end up with a rejected letter. 

Including a specific person 

When mailing a letter or parcel, it’s important to include a specific person’s name. This can be done in two ways. First, you can include the name of the recipient in the top line of the middle portion of the envelope. Second, you can include a prefix such as “Attn:” before or after the recipient’s name, but you don’t need to. Third, you can include the recipient’s professional designation after or before the name. The USPS does not require the “Attn:” prefix. 

Writing a street name 

Putting the street name on an envelope is simple enough, but when you write it in the wrong way, you may end up causing extra processing and delays. To avoid such complications, it is important to follow some guidelines. First of all, you should write the street name in upper case, right above the municipality. Separate the street name from the postal code with a space, and make sure to place the post office box on the second line.