Direct Mail Tips – What to Insert With Direct Mail

When it comes to direct mail, there are many options for what to insert. Adding back-end premiums can encourage readers to take action and boost the mailing’s net income. Inserts can enhance the value of premium offers and describe the features of the products or services. In addition to marketing messages, inserts should feature third-party endorsements. Third-party endorsements will make the advertising message more credible. They will also increase the likelihood that readers will respond to the message.

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Business cards

When you’re looking for ways to get the word out about your business, inserting a card is the best way to get it noticed by your target audience. Business cards are more than just tools for potential customers. They offer a chance to connect with your prospects in a personal way. In other words, they’ll never be replaced by social media, websites, and other forms of digital media. And while your competition may have already adopted this strategy, business cards will always be relevant and effective.


If you’re planning to use letters in your direct marketing campaign, there are some tips to keep in mind. In addition to the standard layout, you should also include a call to action at the end of your letter. If your letter is persuasive, people have already read about your reasons for wanting them to act. Make your call to action easy for them to follow. Listed below are tips to help you make your call to action stand out.


Direct mailers often include postcards to insert with their other direct mail pieces. They are often delivered with the mailing information side up, so it’s important to create a compelling headline. The subject line, or “Ask,” should be short and compelling and should reinforce the benefits of the direct mail campaign. Postcards can also include an image, which serves two purposes. It should be interesting and enticing enough to pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to take action.

Buck slips

Buck slips are a great way to increase response rates to your direct mail marketing campaigns. These small, single-page pieces allow you to highlight your marketing message while utilizing the smallest amount of space. They also force you to use concise wording and emphasize the specifics of your offer. Many consumers are impatient and have little time to look over long documents, so they want to see the gist of what you have to offer in the shortest amount of space possible.


If you want to boost your response rate and generate brand loyalty, you might consider using Magnets to Insert With Direct Mail. These small and convenient pieces are perfect for generating response and loyalty and provide practical value to your mail piece. Aside from attracting customers, magnets build brand awareness, as they will stay on consumers’ refrigerators or windows. Read on to learn more about using Magnets to Insert With Direct Mail. Here are some examples of how you can use them.

Lift notes

One effective way to increase response is by using lift notes to insert with direct mail. They can come in the form of a sticker, card, or invitation to participate in an online campaign. Choosing a different size, stock, or color for the lift note will help make it stand out from the rest of the direct mail piece. The lift note is an excellent opportunity for creativity, so try out new ways to add interest to the package without breaking the bank.