What Should Your Target Area Be For Direct Mail? 

When sending direct mail, it is important to target people in your target area. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can choose to target the Gen X generation, the Baby Boomers generation, and even local businesses. There are many resources to help you determine where to send direct mail.

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Geo-targeting for direct mail allows retailers to reach customers who are most likely to buy what they offer. By targeting specific postal codes, retailers can reach consumers in their neighborhoods. With this method, retailers can also reach neighbors of potential customers. The bonus is that geo-targeted emails can be measured to see how well they’re performing. 

The concept behind geo-targeting is similar to geo-fencing. With geo-fencing, businesses can determine whether a consumer has already purchased from a competitor, or whether they’ll buy from a competitor’s competitor. It can also be used to determine whether a consumer will visit a competitor’s location. 

Gen X 

If you want to target the next generation of consumers, Gen X is the demographic for you. This generation has grown up with technology and the internet. It also experienced Y2K and the AIDS epidemic. It is a busy generation that embraced social media and the internet. They have become savvy consumers and are equally as technologically savvy as millennials. They are also more politically loyal than previous generations. While they may not be the most traditional consumers, they are still an important group in the world of marketing. 

When marketing to Gen X, you should use a personalized touch. This demographic is known for their interest in reviews and likes to share their own opinions. Therefore, if you want to capture their attention, include a customer testimonial. It will increase your brand’s credibility and make them feel safer and more comfortable. Also, include a prepaid return shipping label. This will ensure that Gen Xers feel safe and secure with the return of their purchase. It is also important to make your return policy easy to understand. 

Baby boomers 

If you are planning to launch a direct mail campaign, you should consider focusing on the Baby Boomer market. This age group has a great deal of disposable income and is the perfect demographic for marketing your business. While many younger generations might not trust direct mail, many Baby Boomers are active on social media sites. 

Baby boomers are middle-aged people who were born between 1965 and 1980. Many of them are busy with careers, raising families, and caring for aging parents. As a result, your direct mail campaign needs to be simple and clear. You should also focus on promotional offers in your direct mail campaign. 

Local businesses 

When planning a direct mail campaign, you should consider local businesses. This type of marketing can help you reach a specific demographic. It is also very cost-effective because you don’t need to buy lists of addresses to send direct mail. Local businesses should also consider their marketing goals and how they can complement direct mail. 

One of the most important factors in targeting local businesses is proximity. For example, if you own a takeout restaurant, you should only send direct mail to locals within three miles. Trying to reach customers in outlying areas will waste both time and money. In addition, consider keeping a database of loyal customers. By sending them special offers or discounts on special occasions, you show that you know your customers and care about them.