What Percentage of People Read Direct Mail? 

There’s no doubt that direct mail continues to be a key component of marketers’ promotional strategies. In fact, according to the USPS’s Certified Direct Mail Professional (CDMP) program, over 42 percent of households read or scan their mail every day. 

What’s more, the study showed that over 80% of millennials notice direct mail and are likely to respond to it. In fact, a 2011 survey by Epsilon found that among all age groups, young professionals 18 to 34 have one of the highest response rates for direct mail. 

Why does direct mail continue to be so effective?

Despite the influx of digital advertising, consumers still want physical touchpoints that feel personal. This is especially true with millennials, who are often inundated with online spam. 

For this reason, businesses need to invest in a good direct mail strategy to reach a wide range of target audiences. By using the right direct mail marketing campaign, you can build long-term relationships with your customers. 

A direct mail campaign that focuses on catalogs is an excellent way to reach potential customers and showcase your products. It allows you to get a foot in the door without having to spend a lot of money on a full-scale marketing campaign. 

Direct Mail Doesn’t Expire:

There’s no doubt that direct mail will continue to be an important part of many marketers’ promotional strategies in the future. In fact, a recent survey by Small Business Trends revealed that 70% of respondents preferred direct mailers to emails because they felt more personal. 

The stats also show that direct mail can be incredibly effective when it comes to generating sales. A direct mail campaign that uses a targeted approach and features personalized messages can help increase brand recall and make the customer feel more connected to a company. 

In addition, a survey by Canada Post revealed that it takes consumers 21% less cognitive effort to process direct mail than email. This makes it an ideal marketing tool for brands that want to create a stronger brand call-to-action and encourage a higher sales conversion rate. 

Direct Mail is More Effective Than Email:

When it comes to getting a response, 30% of millennials say that direct mail is more effective than email. This is especially true when it comes to getting them to visit a website, go to a store, or make a purchase. 

A direct mail campaign that includes a coupon code or special landing page can help boost response rates. This can lead to a much greater ROI than an email campaign, which is essentially a one-time push to get the customer to buy something. 

Moreover, a direct mail campaign that uses an attractive design will also increase its response rate. In fact, a 2018 Forbes article reported that direct mail campaigns can earn $2,095 worth of sales for every $167 spent on them. 

The results of this study prove that direct mail is a great investment for your business. Whether you’re looking to connect with new customers, improve your ROI, or simply want to reach more people, a direct mail marketing strategy is an essential part of any marketing plan.