What Month is Best For Direct Mail?

Listed below are the best months to mail your direct mail campaigns. Consider these factors before choosing the perfect month to send your direct mail campaigns. While summer months are generally low-volume for sales, they can still be highly effective if you’re looking for the maximum response rate. This is because direct mail campaigns are less frequent during the summer months when people receive less mail overall. This means less chance of your mailing getting lost in the pile of junk mail or being tossed into the trash.

Time of year

When sending direct mail, consider timing your campaign for the winter holidays. As Christmas approaches, people will likely be looking for gift ideas and Christmas cards. Additionally, they are more likely to read business messages during the winter holiday season. Holiday sales, gifts, and events may also be appropriate times to send direct mail. These three seasons offer more opportunities to reach potential customers. However, some time of the year may not be ideal for all industries.

Days of week

If you want to get your direct mail delivered on a day when most people are at work, try to send your mailing on a Tuesday. This is the busiest day of the week for mail delivery. Most people do not like receiving mail on Monday, as they are usually in a weekend mode. This is why Tuesdays are the best days to send mail. However, if you do want to deliver your mailing on a Tuesday, make sure that you use the following two tips to get the most response from your direct mail.


A well-timed direct mail campaign can have a powerful impact on prospective home sellers. Even a casual brush through a mailer can catch a prospect’s attention. The more mailers a prospective home seller receives, the greater their chances are of contacting your real estate business. The frequency of direct mail is an essential component of a successful marketing campaign, and experienced marketers understand the power of frequency in improving their campaigns.


Consumers are more likely to buy a brand when they receive a specific message at the right time. Holiday direct mail is the perfect opportunity to get personal. Use direct mail to create a memorable introduction to your brand and email it to the same list or geographic area. Holiday direct mail is also a great time to leverage the power of repetition. Repetition makes a message stick with consumers longer. So how do you use direct mail for the holidays?

Avoiding Fridays and Saturdays

To make your mail more effective, avoid sending it on Fridays and Saturdays. People are typically more focused on the weekend and don’t appreciate mail that arrives on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Additionally, people generally aren’t in the office on Fridays and Saturdays, so most direct mail will be thrown straight in the trash. The following are some reasons to avoid mailing on Friday and Saturday:

Optimum delivery dates

The USPS delivers approximately 15 billion pieces of mail each year, and around eight hundred million packages from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. So, when should you send your direct mail? When can you expect your mail pieces to hit their targets? Here are some tips to help you determine the optimal dates for your mailings. Read on for tips on how to make your direct mail stand out from the rest. But, most importantly, make sure your mailers are attractive and easy to read!

Common mistakes marketers make

One of the most common mistakes marketers make when sending direct mail is failing to clearly communicate the call to action. Many newcomers to direct mail marketing fail to convey that they need to take action immediately after reading their offer. Instead of having a vague offer, they should make the prospect feel as if they have only a few minutes left to take advantage of it. Also, make sure your call to action tells the prospect how and when to contact you to receive the offer.