What Makes a Good Direct Response Mail Piece?

The key to a successful direct response mail piece is to target a common characteristic in your audience. Boring and irrelevant copy and images get ignored. Instead, leverage the personal profile of your recipients through variable data printing. Avoid overly crowded designs to avoid overwhelming the recipient. Keep the design clean with larger headlines and plenty of white space. Read this article for some lessons learned from Land Rover’s successful direct mail campaign.

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Lessons learned from Land Rover’s tiny car direct mail campaign

A renowned British luxury brand, Land Rover, is pushing the boundaries of digital marketing with its innovative marketing campaign. Land Rover’s 70th-anniversary campaign is a prime example of how digital marketing can be successfully used to create a compelling campaign. The brand is owned by Tata Motors and is experiencing unprecedented growth in the US. Its bestselling vehicle, the Range Rover Sport, is driving this demand.


A postcard is a great example of a direct response mail piece. Its short, direct message can be very effective at generating an immediate response. A catalog, on the other hand, is a good choice when you want to share a lot of information about your company and products. A brochure is a great middle ground, in that it doesn’t reveal too much information but still informs the audience and draws them in. Choosing the right size is crucial.


One important element of a direct mail piece is the call to action. Determine your goal before you begin designing the piece. Make it clear why it’s being sent and what you’re looking for in a customer. Craft the call to action to catch the reader’s attention and get them to take action. If you’re struggling to write a compelling call to action, consider hiring a copywriter.

Handwritten note

A handwritten note is an effective direct response marketing piece. According to Moving Targets, handwritten notes have an open rate of 98%. It is also effective for attracting Millennials because 87% of them appreciate the feel and tangible touch of a direct mail piece. The best way to make this type of direct mail piece effective is to integrate it into your marketing strategy. Most direct mail letters are printed on regular office paper. Although this may be cost-effective, it is unlikely to bring the desired results. Try using premium 110-# (300 gsm) paper instead.

Variable data printing

Personalized direct response mail pieces offer the opportunity to differentiate your products and services from the competition. Variable data printing offers a way to customize direct mail pieces, including postcards and flyers. The benefits of variable data printing extend beyond the personalization of the content. They can also enhance the look and feel of catalogs and other printed products, making them unique to specific industries. In addition to personalization, variable data printing allows you to manage large volumes of data.