What Mailing Service Can You Mail Ashes Through? 

Priority Mail Express, the express delivery service of Priority Mail, provides a package with $200 worth of insurance. Additional shipping insurance is available through a third-party insurance company. Most third-party insurers cover packages up to $5000. Courier services also provide insurance, but this service is more expensive.

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Priority Mail Express 

Priority Mail Express is an express mailing service that can handle the delivery of cremated remains in one or two days. This service requires that you send the ashes through USPS. It also has first-class international service, which can be a blessing to those who can’t make it home to send the remains. 

Priority Mail Express is an affordable mailing service for ashes. However, it is important to ensure that you package the ashes securely. For this purpose, you should use an airtight bag or a sift-proof urn. You should also weigh the package at home before you send it. For more information, call your local post office and find out their current pricing on this service. 

Priority Mail Express offers several kits to make the shipping of cremains easier. The first kit contains an outer box and priority mail express tape. It also features a clear label that reads “Cremated Remains” and a picture of the urn. This kit is useful if you already have an inner container and cushioning material to send cremains in. The second kit includes a self-sealing plastic bag for the cremains and bubble cushioning. Priority Mail Express offers an express shipping service that provides a tracking number for ashes. 

Priority Mail 

There are several benefits to using Priority Mail when mailing ashes. In addition to its affordable shipping costs, it offers comprehensive tracking capabilities. If you’re sending ashes abroad, you’ll need to purchase a Priority Mail Express package. This type of shipping service requires a modest fee, and it includes packaging supplies. 

Priority Mail Express allows you to keep track of your ashes during transit. It also allows you to ship cremated remains internationally and provides tracking. Because of these features, Priority Mail is the best mailing service for shipping cremated remains. It is also the most affordable option for sending cremated remains. Whether you’re sending ashes as part of a memorial service, Priority Mail is the best way to send them. 

If you’re sending cremated remains to multiple recipients, the priority mail express box will protect your remains. You can choose to send one piece to a single recipient, or a few small pieces to several people. In any case, you’ll need to include the appropriate paperwork, so that your ashes arrive safely and in good condition. 

Courier service 

If you are planning to send your loved one’s ashes to a faraway country, it is essential that you use a courier service. While the process may seem simple, there are some important factors you need to consider. First of all, your package must be packaged appropriately. If you are planning to send your loved one overseas, you need to choose a service that uses Priority Mail Express International. This service costs between $50 and $130 and includes all the supplies needed to package your package and provide tracking capabilities. 

Another option is to use an airline carrier. Most airlines offer cargo or freight services. Just make sure to check with your specific airline to learn about their specific requirements. Some airlines require you to give seven days’ notice and provide certain documentation. It is also important to label your shipment clearly as “cremated remains.”