What is Tracking Mailing Service? 

If you’ve ever sent an item or package via the mail, you’ve probably wondered what is tracking mailing service is. USPS provides delivery standards for mail and packages within the U.S., but there are also times when natural disasters can cause items to be delayed. USPS tracking services can help you avoid this headache. Find out how USPS tracking works, how it costs, and your options. Here are some examples of tracking services.

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USP’s tracking number structure 

USPS shipping labels have a specific structure, referred to as a tracking number. These numbers contain 10 to 22 digits and two to eight symbols, indicating the shipping service and country of origin. Priority Mail labels are assigned a letter, while other types of mail are given a digit. Here are some tips to remember USPS tracking numbers. We’ll also look at some other important aspects of tracking a package. 

USPS tracking numbers are different from those for domestic mail and packages. Domestic USPS mail and packages start with a series of numbers (like 9400 or 1ZZZZZZZ), whereas international packages begin with a letter combination. These numbers will also indicate whether or not the package is fully trackable. If you have trouble identifying a package’s USPS tracking number, consult a post office website. 

Verification process 

A mailing service may request that you verify the email address on your list. There are several ways to do this. One option is to verify by using a service called Quick Email Verification. This process involves seven separate validation steps to identify Safe-to-Send email addresses and place them in a list ready for mailing. This process can be done for both domestic and international B2C emails. Verification is done using two different APIs: a real-time API, which checks new submissions on a form, and a bulk verification API, which processes a full batch of uploaded email addresses. 


There are many different ways to track your mail, including through the post office. USPS, UPS, and FedEx all offer tracking of packages and letters, but they each charge a different price. The Post Office offers signature-required delivery confirmation for $3.15. You can also choose to receive daily emails about your mail. This service is more for the convenience of the sender than for the recipient. However, if you’re unsure if your mail is safe, you can sign up for a signature-required delivery confirmation service. 

USPS offers tracking for some mail services. Customers can use this service to keep track of their packages. Priority and certified mail include this service, but first-class mail does not. To use this service, customers must pay a certain amount of postage. Post offices can also recommend different tracking options. If you’re not sure which service you need, talk to a post office employee. Most companies have customer service representatives who can answer any questions you have. 


You may have been wondering what your options are for tracking mailing services, but you may not have realized that they have many different options. If you have a small budget and prefer USPS to FedEx, USPS is your best option. However, recently USPS has increased their rates by $1.25, which makes tracking your mail nearly impossible. FedEx and USPS are the cheapest options, but both methods are equally effective. To find out what your options are for tracking mailing services, take a look at the following information.