What is the USPS Deadline For Mailing Packages to Arrive By Christmas? 

If you’re planning on mailing something during the holiday season, you may be wondering what the USPS deadline is for delivering packages. There are several important deadlines to consider, including international and military holidays. You may also want to consider the availability of free shipping supplies at your local Post Office. Of course, the actual delivery date may vary, depending on the origin and destination of your package, Post Office acceptance dates, and other conditions. If you’re unsure of the deadline, you can always ask your Post Office for advice.

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Dec. 15 

If you’re mailing gifts this holiday season, you should make sure to ship early to avoid the last-minute rush. The USPS has announced early shipping deadlines for ground shipping and priority mail, but you must plan to meet them. Ground shipping deadlines are different from Express mail deadlines and vary depending on the weight and size of your package. 

If you’re mailing a gift, card, or another item for the holidays, make sure to send it by Dec. 15. If you’re sending a gift to a loved one, consider using priority mail express service, as the shipping time is quicker. However, there are certain exceptions, including shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. 

Dec. 22 

If you are sending out packages for the holidays, you’ll want to make sure they’re shipped by Dec. 22 to ensure they arrive in time. During the holiday season, the USPS handles more than five hundred million pieces of mail per day, so you want to make sure they reach you on time. Here are some tips to help you avoid common holiday shipping mishaps. 

When mailing packages during the holiday season, the USPS recommends using retail ground service. This service is designed for packages and thick envelopes and is cheaper than first-class mail. Priority Mail Express is another option, but it has a variable delivery date. And be sure to check out the FedEx website for any special shipping deadlines. 

Dec. 29 

The USPS has announced its holiday shipping deadlines for 2021. The dates differ depending on the country and region. For instance, the deadline for packages to arrive by Christmas in the contiguous lower 48 states is different from those for Hawaii and Alaska. However, if you’re planning to ship packages to a customer on Christmas day, it’s best to send them before the deadline, so that they arrive on time. 

The USPS has also issued holiday shipping death lines for the domestic ground economy and first-class mail. The deadline for domestic ground service is Dec. 22, while for priority mail express, Dec. 22 and 23. If you’re shipping packages over this deadline, you’ll need to use UPSFedExedex express services. The deadline for ground shipping varies, but you can always use a shipping calculator to determine the exact arrival date of your packages. In the United States, online shopping is projected to reach $207 billion this season, which is the highest ever. According to the Adobe Holiday Spending Forecast, the spending amount is set to increase by 10% over last year. 

Dec. 31 

The USPS is offering a limited number of shipping services for the holidays. You can send first-class or priority mail through the USPS website. The deadline to send ground shipments is Dec. 15, although the deadline for priority mail is later. You can also ship priority express mail until Dec. 23, but the actual shipping time will depend on the distance between the source and destination. Additionally, the costs of shipping vary depending on the size and weight of your package. 

If you want your package to arrive before Christmas, choose a shipping service that offers same-day delivery. The USPS has several shipping options available, including UPS. You can send a padded envelope for $8 or use ground service for $9. UPS and FedEx offer same-day service for an extra fee. You can also check with your local UPS office to see if they offer same-day delivery.