What Is The Return On Direct Mail?

A direct mail campaign can be successful if it reaches the right people. The return rate on an average direct mail campaign is one-half to two percent. If you send out one hundred pieces of mail, two to four people will respond. Half of these people will make a purchase. Your objective should include a call to action. A coupon, for example, will make your call to action stronger. You should also make sure to include an effective call to action in the copy of your mailer.

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When it comes to ROI, direct mail is hard to beat. Studies show that, on average, direct mail can yield a 29% return on investment. Email, however, only offers a 0.6% response rate, and people rarely respond to emails. Additionally, even if they do respond, they are often not persuaded enough to make a purchase. But a direct mail campaign has its benefits. Here’s a closer look at how it compares to other advertising mediums.

1/2 to 2 percent

The average return on investment (ROI) of a direct mail campaign is 1/2 to 2 percent. This ROI is dependent on a variety of factors, including the cost of design, copy, and mailing, and the number of pieces mailed. It is also based on the response rate and the number of purchases. According to JWM Business Services, more than seventy percent of consumers prefer to buy products and services that come in the mail. On average, about half of those who respond to a direct mail piece are likely to make a purchase.

9 out of 10

A recent study shows that 64% of businesses report receiving the highest response rate from direct mail. The industries that respond to direct mail include financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, travel, media, and auto. Direct mail is a proven method that is effective in generating new customers and building repeat business. This article looks at the benefits of direct mail and the various methods available to increase your response rates. By the end of this article, you’ll be well on your way to a more successful marketing strategy.

17 days

Compared to email, which is quickly ignored, people are more likely to read direct mail. According to the Data & Marketing Association, 42.2% of mail recipients read the material they receive, while 22.8% simply discard it. Direct mail stays in households for an average of 17 days. If you’re looking for a way to increase response rates, direct mail is a great option. Here are some tips for increasing your return on investment:

Oversized envelopes

Out of all the direct mail formats, oversized envelopes generate the highest ROI. These envelopes are larger than letter and standard-size mail, so they attract more attention and get opened first. The oversized size also allows for more information and eye-catching imagery to be used, generating more sales and leads for your company. If you are interested in using oversized envelopes in your direct mail campaign, here are the benefits.

Coupon codes

Promo codes and coupons are an excellent way to track response to direct mail campaigns. Promo codes and coupon codes can activate target audiences and boost sales, and special offers and coupons can motivate people to make a purchase. In addition, promotional codes and coupons can be used in conjunction with QR codes and PURLs, machine-readable codes that can lead consumers to a website or purchase a product. When added to a direct mail piece, these codes can help measure response and help track ROI.

Trackable URLs

You can enhance your direct mail marketing campaigns with the help of personalized URLs. These personalized links contain a long list of numbers and letters that uniquely identify your email campaign. You can also get valuable analytics based on these URLs. For example, you can see how many people opened your email, and which ones subsequently clicked on your link to learn more about your offer. In addition, the tracking of your campaign’s success will help you understand how many people clicked on your links and how many of those click-throughs resulted in sales.

QR codes

QR Codes are an easy and quick way to increase the efficiency of your direct mail marketing. Smartphone technology has made mail much more interactive and trackable than before. In April 2020, 8.1% of US direct mail advertising contained a QR code, an increase from 3.2% one year ago. You can use these codes for a variety of purposes. Read on to find out how you can use QR codes in your direct mail marketing. You might be surprised by the results!