What is the Price of Mailing a Regular Letter in the United States? 

Mailing a regular letter in the United States is a relatively inexpensive endeavor. For most, it costs just a couple of cents, but the price can be more or less depending on the contents of the mail and the postal service is chosen. The USPS has a list of prices for domestic and international mail on its website. If you want to send a letter to a foreign country, you will need to purchase additional stamps. 

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The US Postal Service recently filed a notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission, announcing new rates for mail. The changes are designed to help the agency recover from a loss of $87 billion and provide better service. 

The new rates include a 4-cent increase for First Class envelopes and a 2-cent increase for First Class Mail letters. The price increases are a part of USPS’s Delivering for America plan, a 10-year program to improve the services offered by the agency and recover from the recent loss. The company also has a Global Express Guaranteed option, which can deliver your letter in as little as one to three business days. 

The new prices are not set in stone, but the agency has said it will likely raise prices again later this year. A proposed two-cent hike in the First-Class Mail Forever stamp is expected to come along shortly. This is a special type of stamp that can be used to mail letters any time of the day or night. 

The most affordable form of postage is a simple flat rate, but you’ll have to pay extra if your letter is heavier. You’ll also have to choose between Priority and standard Priority Mail. The latter has faster delivery times and offers expedited services for mail that weighs a pound or more. 

The “Metered Mail” rate is cheaper than the Post Office rate, which is a good thing. The USPS has a Commercial Plus program that allows large businesses to save money by buying discounted postal charges. It’s also available to online shipping label providers and bulk shippers. 

Aside from the usual first-class envelopes, USPS offers several other mailing solutions, including mailboxes and certified mail. For extra postage, you can purchase a delivery receipt to confirm the arrival of your mail. The cost of a receipt can be as low as 50 cents for a letter. 

The post office has been hit by the popularity of email. Some people don’t need the chain of custody for their letters. The company also has a flat-rate shipping option, which provides free pickup and tracking of your package. 

The USPS is offering a few other “fluff” options, such as a “flat rate box” that includes a prepaid first-class stamp. This box is small, but it does provide special handling and a guaranteed delivery time of one to three days. A “flat rate” box is a great way to send mail, especially if you need to get a letter out the door quickly.