What Is the Price of Direct Mail Advertising? 

Direct mail advertising is an effective way to reach prospects and customers. However, it can be expensive to create and send direct mail campaigns. That’s why you need to understand the key factors that affect the price of direct mail. 

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Costs of direct mail are determined by several variables, including:


The design of your postcard or another type of direct mailer can make a huge difference in how successful your campaign will be. A professional, appealing design can grab a prospect’s attention and drive them to take action. 

Size and paper stock

The size of your mailer can also impact the cost of your direct mail campaign. Larger sizes, such as oversized postcards, can be more expensive to print and mail than smaller ones. You can also choose to use heavier paper stocks and finishes, which may increase the printing costs but reduce your postage costs as well. 

A good, creative design can help your direct mailer stand out from the rest of the junk mail in its recipient’s mailbox. For example, if you’re targeting local residents, a colorful, playful postcard might be more effective than an impersonal letter. 


The copy on your direct mail piece is also an important factor in determining its success. A mediocre copy can turn off your audience and lead to low conversion rates. You want to write copy that is clear and compelling, highlighting the unique benefits of your business and offering the right call to action. 


Direct mail lists can be obtained from list brokers, who compile data on consumers based on demographics. These lists can be sold to businesses for a small fee, and are often targeted in order to reach specific locations. 

Neighborhood Audience Targeting

A more efficient approach to reaching your target audience is to rely on a data partner that specializes in leveraging intent data. This data tells a story of a consumer’s intent, allowing you to reach the right people with relevant and personalized messaging that drives sales. 

Using a map-based platform like Mapfire allows you to target neighborhoods based on the demographics of your target audience. It can quickly and effectively identify your ideal audience, making it easier to plan and execute your next direct mail campaign. 


The cost of distributing your direct mail pieces is also an important factor in determining the overall price of your direct mail campaign. You can save money on your mailing costs by distributing enough to qualify for bulk mail discounts. This can be done by comminuting your small quantities of mail with other companies’ small volumes, so you can take advantage of cheaper postage rates. 

It is important to remember that direct mail is a highly effective marketing tool and is not a waste of your money. It can provide a significant ROI and increase sales by up to 28%.