Mailing Tips – How to Get the Most Out of Your Postage? 

Whether you are planning on mailing a letter of honor, a business card, or a congratulatory card to your wife, there are some guidelines that you should keep in mind. The USPS has a large number of standards for all things mail and mail-related. From the number of envelopes to the number of letters on your postcard, the Postal Service will have your back. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your postage.

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First and foremost, make sure you are mailing in a stamped addressable envelope. Not only does it reduce the risk of your package getting lost in the postal system, but it will also make your life easier as well. If your envelope is paper only, you could wind up paying more for it than you did to send it via the mail. Also, consider using a prepaid return label. If you plan on mailing in a fancy letter of honor, you should make sure to include the requisite postage. Don’t forget to check your mail on time, either.