What is the Cost of Direct Mail? 

Direct mail is an old-fashioned advertising method that can still be highly effective for generating leads and attracting new customers. It is not as common as digital marketing campaigns, but it still has many benefits and remains a viable marketing option. However, it is important to know the cost of direct mail. 

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Postcards are the most commonly used type of direct mail, and they are also one of the cheapest forms of mailing. They are easy to design, print, and mail, and they require no envelopes, which saves you money on postage. They are also lightweight and easy to ship, making them ideal for mailers that need to be sent in bulk. 

Letters are another option for a direct mail campaign, and they are a little more expensive than postcards. They contain multiple pages and are also more detailed, so they can be used to communicate a lot of information. 

Sticky notes can be applied to letters and postcards for a variety of purposes, such as addressing, adding variable information or creating a personalized message. They are easy to apply and can be done by yourself, or with the help of an inkjet printer. 

Inkjet printing can add a lot of detail to your direct mail pieces, and it is an excellent way to make them unique. This is a great option for small businesses and startups looking to build brand awareness. 

The cost of designing a direct mail piece can vary greatly depending on your preferences and your needs. Some marketers choose to have their own designers create the artwork, while others prefer to turn to a design agency or professional designer. 

This can be a significant cost factor in a direct mail campaign, as it can add up to hundreds of dollars. It is a good idea to discuss your options before you start designing your campaign, as this will give you a better understanding of the cost. 

Mailing lists are a critical element in any direct mail campaign. They allow you to target the specific demographics that matter most to your business and generate a high number of responses. You can acquire mailing lists from list brokers, who compile data on people across demographics. These lists cost around $0.03 per record, which is $30 per thousand records. 

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is another option for sending direct mail, and it is often the most affordable, as you can target a specific route within a ZIP code. It is also the easiest to customize your direct mail piece, as you can adjust the address and messaging on each individual envelope. 

The printing costs of your direct mail are a big contributor to the overall cost of your campaign. These costs will vary between printers and can be a bit expensive, especially if you are using an in-house print shop. 

It is also important to note that the size of your campaign will affect the cost. Typically, the larger the campaign, the lower the per-piece cost will be. In addition, bulk discounts are offered for higher-volume campaigns.