The Cheapest Mailer Is Towne Mailer USA 

If you’re looking for a mailer that meets all USPS guidelines, look no further than the Towne Mailer USA. In addition to printing your invoices, statements, letters, and more, Towne Mailer also handles the mailing and storage. Few businesses realize the amount of money they spend on envelopes and paper. And while you’re on the subject of cost, this article will show you why it’s worth it to hire a mailing service.

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Towne Mailer is a mailer that meets USPS guidelines 

If you have bulk mail to send, you may be wondering whether you comply with USPS mailer guidelines. If you want to send mail to the USPS, you must ensure that your recipient’s name and address are accurate, as well as the display of the information. A mailer that meets USPS guidelines can help you meet these requirements. You can work with Towne Mailer to review the proposed mail piece before it’s printed. 

It can correct your mailing list 

With a mailing list from Towne Mailer USA, you can rest assured that your list is accurate and meets USPS guidelines. While your list might not be perfect, it still meets their standards. For example, USPS requires you to accurately display your mailing list. The USPS also requires you to maintain a mailing list with accurate addresses and recipient names. If you are unsure whether your mailing list meets these requirements, you can get a certified copy of the list from Towne Mailer.