What is Quick Print Do? 

Using the Quick Print feature in Outlook, users can print attachments without leaving the Outlook application. The Quick Print feature supports printing to a variety of network printers and local printers, as well as to email and online storage locations. It also supports printing from iDisk, Google Docs, and Dropbox. It works with more than 1000 printer models and supports most AirPrint-enabled printers. However, the Quick Print feature does not support printing sub-forms or large returns. 

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The Quick Print option is available from the Quick Access toolbar. You can print a complete document or a portion of a document. The Quick Print option allows you to print a title and summary of the contents of the record. You can also print line items, details, and numeric items, depending on the type of record you are working with. You can print two copies of the document. 

The Quick Print option can also be enabled through the Customise Ribbon. The Customise Ribbon is located in Word Options. The Quick Print option is available in Word 2010 and later versions. The Quick Print feature works with the Print pane, which is available in the Backstage view. The Print pane displays the printer drop-down list, as well as the preview and settings for printing. The Quick Print option also displays a collate box, if you want to print a collage box. 

The Print Report screen also displays a summary report for the document currently displayed. It is possible to print an HTML page or to print the summary report in a PDF format. If you are not able to print your document, you can try enabling the Technical Support option. This allows you to send a report to Technical Services and receive faster feedback. The Technical Support option also allows you to choose whether you want to print all details or exclude them. This is useful if you are a technician who needs to know more information about a particular list. 

The Quick Print option can also be used for printing an Excel spreadsheet. When you are in the Excel document, you can print to the default printer or to a printer that you have created. The Quick Print option works with many OEM and network printers. However, you may not have the same options available as in Microsoft Office. For example, if you are printing a raster and vector document, you will need to enable the “NVPrintUseRaster” parameter in the Sheet Properties. This will allow you to print raster and vector at the same time. You will also need to use the “NVPrintUseColor” parameter in the Sheet Properties to print color and non-color sheets. 

In previous versions of Word, the Print Preview option was combined with the Print window. When you use the Print Preview option, the report is displayed in an HTML format. This option is available in Microsoft Word 2010. The Report Definition list changes based on whether the form is open or closed.