What is Priority Direct Mail? 

Priority direct mail is a technique for sending a “form letter” to hundreds or thousands of people via mail. This method is faster than standard mail and can save you a lot of time and money. The strategy is best for small businesses that don’t have a lot of time to write letters.


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Priority direct mail is a strategy of sending a “form letter” to hundreds or thousands of people via the mail 

The goal of this strategy is to get as many potential donors as possible to donate money to a cause. To be successful, the mailings must be sent to the right people. This means that you must send your letter to a specific list. This list should include the proper spelling and addresses, as well as the zip code. Incorrect address information will make your mailing undeliverable. 

The USPS has a tracking service for some types of mail. Using this service will help you see the exact location of your mail and allow you to track its progress. However, USPS does not guarantee this service. 

Priority direct mail strategies are typically more expensive than other forms of direct mail. However, a list that contains names of people who have expressed an interest in your business is an excellent option. The cost of a list varies depending on the list’s quality. Priority direct mail lists typically have a higher response rate. 

It can save you time and money 

When you start a direct mail campaign, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. For one, a bulk mail permit is a great way to cut costs, as you’ll save up to 6 cents per piece. It also pays to presort and bar-code mail. And of course, you should maintain a mailing list! Mailings can add up quickly, and it’s crucial to know postal regulations so that your mail campaign is effective and not wasting your money or time. Contact your local postmaster for guidelines on how to send your mail. 

You can also save money and time by ordering through a Priority mail carrier. To do this, you must enter your mailing address and the type of letter you’d like to send. Once the carrier has all the information, he will submit your letter to the proper postal service for delivery. You cannot change the date you enter when ordering, so make sure that you know exactly when you’d like your mail delivered.