What Is Mailing Service? 

Mailing service refers to the system of transporting mail through a network of physical routes. Mailing services can be either public or private. Many governments have strict laws about private postal systems, but in general, public systems are preferred by most people. You can find more information about the types of postal service in our mailing services guide. Here are a few examples. Read on to learn about Campus Mail Service, IM Full-Service, No-fee Address Change Service, and Standard Mail.


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Campus Mail Service 

To get your mail to its destination, Campus Mail Service will collect packages from your department and deliver them to the Post Office. To send packages to Campus Mail, attach a mail-code card to the bundle. Depending on the department’s needs, Campus Mail can also receive prepaid UPS and FedEx packages. Campus Mail is an excellent option for departments that do not have a shipping area available for regular delivery. In addition, Campus Mail can help you keep track of your package delivery receipts. 

IM Full-Service 

Intelligent Mail Barcode, or IMB, is the new standard in direct mail, but it is not without its problems. Most major mailers have already spent more than $1 million on full-service IMB implementation, and many have not yet realized ROI. Even the mailers that have opted for the new service have not seen ROI from its implementation. That’s because the mailing industry has not fully embraced IMB. However, mailers who are looking for the next best thing may want to take advantage of IMB. 

No-fee Address Change Service 

There are two types of address change services: free and no-fee. A free service can be used to make address changes, while a no-fee service can be used to make changes to a mailing address. The former is the most convenient and will take less than five minutes to complete. Depending on the mailing service, the no-fee service will also notify other organizations about your address change. 

Standard Mail 

While the United States Postal Service does not offer free mail forwarding or automatic returns, there are a few ways to get your mail to your customers quickly. For starters, you can send a presorted first-class letter or piece that requires an endorsement. This endorsement allows the USPS to forward your mail if it cannot be delivered. For this reason, you may want to consider using an endorsement with your Standard Mail mailing service if you have time-sensitive marketing or promotion messages. 

Postcard marketing 

If you are trying to build a brand for your business, consider using postcard marketing as part of your marketing strategy. Postcards are low-cost and versatile marketing tools that can boost your online efforts and encourage traffic to your website. Among its many benefits, postcard marketing can help you build brand memory by encouraging visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, download your latest eBook, and engage on social media. Even better, postcards are inexpensive and can be used to send promotional offers.