What Is Mail Merge? 

If you have ever wondered what mail merge is, this article will explain its basics. It is a data-driven method of printing mailers and other materials with variables. It is often used in variable data printing, such as address labels based on a customer relationship management database, or in mass emails that contain pertinent information. There are several different ways to utilize mail merge to boost your marketing efforts. Here are a few common uses of mail merge:

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One of the great features of mail merge is the flexibility it offers in customization. You can choose to ignore records with numeric values below a certain threshold or to alter the merge process based on two factors. For example, if a donor gave less than $100, you might change the message to reflect that. You can also use conditional options to change the way your mail merge handles individual donor contributions. You can even include a link to your site in your mail message, or use a combination of both. 


Using a mail merge service is the easiest way to personalize your marketing emails. Unlike other forms of personalization, mail merge can allow you to send the same information to all of your recipients. For instance, using GMass, you can detect the first name based on the email address of the person you’re trying to contact. You can then customize the email with that first name. Using a mail merge service, you can schedule the main campaign and any automated follow-ups in advance. 


Mailing a single direct mail piece can cost from $0.30 to $10 per person. The cost can vary from small to large and is largely dependent on your marketing objectives. Many marketing professionals measure their direct mail costs in cost per thousand. This is a simple calculation and many vendors will provide a quote for this number, which is a good way to estimate your costs. If you are looking to save money on your direct mail piece, consider mailing fewer pieces. 

Gmail add-on 

You can use Mail merge to send emails in bulk, and it can be created with Gmail. First, you’ll need to import your contact lists into Google Sheets. Then, make headers for each recipient’s first name and email address. You can also use different fields to segment your list. Next, you’ll need to create a draft email with customizable content. After that, you can use attachments to send emails to your contacts. 


Mail merge is a process that uses variable data to generate mailings and email messages. Variable data, which is collected from a customer relationship management database, can be used to create address labels, pre-filled web forms, and mass emails that contain pertinent information. Using mail merge is especially effective for sending marketing campaigns to the Chinese market. If you’re interested in learning more about mail merge, contact our Direct Mail Customer Support team. 

How to create 

If you’re wondering how to create a mail merge direct mailings, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will learn how to merge multiple email messages into one. Mail merge is a great way to personalize direct mailings and increase the chances of your recipients opening it and acting on it. It also allows you to send mass emails at the click of a button. Using a Google spreadsheet, you can easily createa  mail merge emails.