What Is Direct Mail Logistics? 

You might have heard of 3PL or third-party logistics, but do you know what it is? If not, read on to discover the benefits of this type of service. Then, you’ll be better equipped to choose a provider that fits your specific needs. It can be expensive to hire a third party to manage your mail marketing, but if you’re looking to save time and money, this could be the right option.

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3rd-party logistics company 

The benefits of hiring a 3rd-party logistics company for direct mailing are many. They can handle a wide range of direct mail logistics services, from packing and mailing to storing and retrieving goods. Many 3PL also handle the fulfillment of orders for eCommerce businesses. They can help with order fulfillment, printing shipping labels, and providing tracking information. The following are just a few of the advantages of hiring a 3PL for direct mailing. 


The first step in the direct mail logistics process is designing your mail. Adding unique touches to your mail can increase your communications’ effectiveness. Consider adding contextual graphics or custom font elements. In addition, you can personalize large areas of your mail to reflect your demographic preferences. In short, personalizing your mail will help your mail feel more special and unique than other mailings. For more information, read about the process of direct mail logistics. To learn more, get a free Postal Logistics review today! 


One of the most important aspects of a direct marketing campaign is logistics. Unlike online marketing, direct mail is subject to stricter regulations and legislation than other forms of marketing. Because of this, the logistics process must be legal and compliant with all relevant regulations. The following are some of the benefits of direct mail logistics. Read on to learn more. This article will focus on some of the most common benefits of direct mail logistics. 


Using a mailing list and a printing company to distribute your direct mail pieces is a very costly endeavor. These costs vary according to the weight of the mailing, postage rates, and the number of pieces being mailed. It also depends on the destination and the size of the mailing. The postage rate for each of these variables depends on the USPS size guidelines. Different types of postage are available, so check with the post office to find out what will be most cost-effective for your mailing campaign. 

Integration with a digital campaign 

In addition to integrating direct mail and digital campaigns, third-party logistics providers are also able to integrate customer data. This data can help brands create meaningful customer engagements with personalized cards and branded stickers. Additionally, modern 3PL providers can streamline marketing processes with e-commerce brands. To learn more about 3PL integration, visit our website today. It may help your company save time and money on direct mail.