What Is Bulk Mailing? 

Online marketing is very effective, but bulk mailing is the best choice for businesses looking to promote their products or services. It is a tangible item that people will be more likely to respond to than an online advertisement. Also, bulk mail offers to tend to be local, so people are more likely to buy from local businesses. Here are some reasons to use bulk mail as a marketing tool for your business:

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Less expensive than direct mail 

One of the biggest advantages of bulk mailing is its cost-efficiency. While direct mail may cost more, bulk mailing is much less expensive. Bulk mailing is an excellent way to test different direct mail items, such as different layouts, copies, CTAs, and designs. By combining these three marketing tools, you can improve your ROI and increase response rates. Also, the bulk mailing is a great way to test different designs, copies, and CTAs to see what works best. 

More effective than direct mail 

If you’re wondering if direct mail is more effective than bulk mailing, you’re in for a treat. In this day and age, when consumers are constantly on the go, it’s important to differentiate your marketing messages from those of your competitors. Unlike online marketing, direct mail requires a pause from consumers’ busy lives. People are less likely to throw away physical mail. Plus, they’re more likely to read it than they are to delete it. Hence, the value of a personal touch is often underestimated by marketers. 


When you’re considering the costs of marketing your product or service, bulk mailing may be the right choice. While bulk mailing is less targeted than one-on-one email, it can still be a very cost-effective option. For example, an eCommerce brand may want to offer subscribers a discount, or an info publisher may want to get viewers to click on a sales video. A new business may simply want to inform its market about a new product. Regardless of the reason, cost-effective bulk mailing can help you reach your marketing KPIs. 

Handwritten note lifts people’s moods 

One of the most overlooked ways to improve your mood is to write a handwritten note to your loved one. Not only will it show them you care, but it can also provide affirming words that replace automatic negative thoughts. Psychotherapist Kelley Kitley recommends that you write a cute note and fold it up to slip it into a not-so-obvious place. Even a simple thank-you note from a friend can lift someone’s mood. 

Options for bulk mailing 

There are several options for bulk mailing, such as using presorted mail or postcards. While mail is a traditional medium, bulk mailing services offer more cost-efficient options for marketing and advertising campaigns. Postalytics, for example, offers a digital bulk mailing service. It works by verifying addresses and creating highly targeted mailing lists. Its services also save time by applying postage on all pieces of mail at once. And while mail can be expensive, postal services can offer low postage rates as long as the mail is bulk-mailable.