What Is a Trackable Passport Mailing Service? 

A trackable passport mailing service is an option available to applicants in Hong Kong and Macau when applying for or renewing a passport. This service provides the applicant with a tracking number that can be used to track the status of their passport application. 

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What Can I Expect When Using a Trackable Passport Mailing Service?

There are many different kinds of tracking services that you can use to monitor the delivery of your passport. For example, you can check the status of your passport application online or with a courier. You can also call the post office to check the status of your passport. 

How Can I Ensure that My Documents Are Packaged Correctly?

If you use a trackable service, the mailman will leave a notification in your mailbox with the tracking number and a link to a courier website. This will provide you with information on when your documents are delivered to the address registered in your profile and if there are any issues with delivery. You can then follow the instructions in the notification to reschedule your delivery or pick up your package at the post office. 

Regardless of the shipping method, it is important that you affix enough postage to your envelope so that we can track the package. Affixing insufficient postage can cause significant delays in processing your application and may result in the redelivery of your application.