What is a Good Return on Direct Mail Sent to Physicians?

Postcards get high response rates but how do you know what is a good return on direct mail for physicians? Read this article to learn more about the Return on Investment (ROI) of direct mail for physicians and other healthcare professionals. In this article, we’ll examine the ROI of direct mail, the cost of acquiring a new patient, and which types of direct mail produce the best ROI.

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Optimum return on direct mail sent to Physicians

The strategy and offer of your direct mail campaign are critical in ensuring maximum return. Often, a content-rich message will generate more interest than a discount. Consider using thank-you cards or content-rich greetings to attract attention. Brainstorm to determine the right message and the most effective ways to establish your practice as the go-to for your patients. Then, execute a campaign that generates high interest and returns.

Cost to acquire a new patient

What is the Cost to Acquire a New Patient (CANP)? The cost to acquire a new patient is the cost of reaching a new patient. A higher CANP is better for the practice since it can mean increased revenue. It is also referred to as Customer Acquisition Cost. This is a figure that physicians should consider when determining the ROI of marketing campaigns. In this article, we will discuss what this figure means for practice.

Return on investment

When it comes to generating a return on investment for your direct marketing campaign, a physician’s office is an excellent choice. Patients have a lot of choices when it comes to the healthcare providers they see, and your marketing collateral can make or break your success. Direct mail and direct response marketing work because people trust them more than other methods of marketing. You can use direct mail to invite people in your neighborhood to free clinics, information sessions, and consultations.

Postcards get a high response rate

Direct mail campaigns targeting physicians often include a postcard. This simple piece of direct mail is easy to send, doesn’t require opening, and reminds the recipient of your business. Postcards are an affordable way to send a regular direct mail campaign, and they get a high response rate when you ask the prospect to call or visit a PURL. For maximum impact, consider printing your postcards larger than normal.

Dimensional mailers get a low response rate

The standard format of direct mail is an oversized envelope, letter campaign inside a business envelope, postcard, or other flat items. However, dimensional mail can be an effective way to boost response rates by making the mailer look three-dimensional. For instance, one Shawmut customer sent a Constitution-like letter in a clear tube. Physicians often prefer to open these types of direct mailers due to their unique design.