What to Do If Your Mailing Service Misplaces My Tax Documents? 

When you’re preparing your taxes, you may wonder what to do if your mailing service misplaces your tax documents. Fortunately, there are several options for you to get these documents back. The first is to get a copy from the company that issued them. For example, if you were a contractor and received a 1099 form from your contractor, you can simply go to the company’s website and download a copy.

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Getting a copy of your 1099 

If your mailing service misplaces your tax documents, you can get a copy of your 1099 by following a few easy steps. First, file an extension, if necessary. Second, find a system for keeping your tax documents organized. This system could be as simple as a file folder. This way, you can find the forms you need in one place without wasting time looking for them. 

Third, try to get a copy of your 1099 online. This will save you time, and you can also use your receipts and invoices to get the information you need. The IRS maintains meticulous records, and you can view up to 10 years’ worth of information. However, it may take some time to get the information you need. 

Finally, if your mail service misplaces your 1099, you can always call your client and request a copy. However, it may take more than a week for the replacement to arrive. This could put you in danger of missing your filing deadline. 

Getting a copy of your W-2 form 

If your mailing service has misplaced your tax documents, you can still get a copy of your W-2 form. There are two main ways to obtain a copy of your tax documents: by mail or online. For the former, you can contact your former employer and ask them to send you a digital copy of your tax documents. 

If you cannot find the email you received about your W-2 form, check your spam folder or check the email address you provided. You might have received the email to an address that has since been closed down. If the email has been deleted, try tracing the link to your employer’s website. If your employer has an online portal, you can also get a copy of your W-2 form there. 

Alternatively, you can request a duplicate W-2 form by sending an email to the IRS directly. You will need to include the information requested and write “Duplicate W-2” in the subject line. The request will be processed within two weeks. 

Getting a copy of your 1099 from your contractor 

If your contractor has misplaced your 1099 form, you can request a copy from them. However, this process may take a while, so you should communicate this with your client. You should also keep in mind that this request will only work if the contractor’s EIN and Social Security number are linked. 

If your contractor pays you over $600 in a year, you will need to submit a copy of your 1099 to the IRS. This form must be completed by January 31. You can do this electronically, by mail, or in person. It is vital to keep copies of these documents. 

Once you have your 1099, you can scan it and store the backup image in a file folder on your computer. Then, you can use it to file your tax return when the physical form is misplaced. Do not forget to make a copy of the form for yourself as well. Keeping your 1099 forms together is a great way to avoid the stress of searching for them later on.