Advantages of Outsourcing Print and Mail 

Outsourcing print and mail communications can be an important step for any company in a highly regulated industry. In some industries, such as healthcare institutions and banks, print and mail communications are essential to their success. In other industries, outsourcing is a necessary and even vital part of the business. Outsourcing is especially important for these industries because print and mail are one of the main points of contact between companies and their customers. Here are a few advantages of outsourcing print and mail.

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Papercut checks for new emails every 20 minutes 

The default polling frequency for Papercut is 20 seconds, but you can adjust this to any frequency you desire. Polling less often will burden your email server, but too much will result in long print times. Polling frequency will vary based on the email site you’re using. You can find out more about the settings in your Papercut account. If you are having trouble receiving your emails, check the email address associated with your Papercut account. If the email address is still valid, make sure Papercut has permission to access it. 

You can configure Papercut NG/MF to send email notifications whenever required. These messages can be sent when your printer runs out of toner, when Integrated Scanning is enabled, and when you schedule a report. You can even send a test notification to confirm that your settings are correct. Once you’ve set up Papercut NG/MF to send email notifications, you can set the schedule to alert you by email or text message. 

Email to Print allows users to print by emailing their documents to a special address 

Email to Print is a feature that allows users to easily print their documents by emailing them to a special address. The process is simple and requires no drivers or client software. It can be used with any email-capable device. It can also be used to print multiple documents on the same device. You can choose which printer you want to print to or select an address to send your documents to. 

Email to Print can be used on any printer that supports PDF files. It also allows users to print unsupported files, including those in PDF format. The service is compatible with Epson printers and enables users to print PDF files, as well as emails that have printable content. To use Email to Print, you must first register your printer using the Epson Connect service. Once you do that, you can print any document that uses the PDF format. 

SSAE-18 Type II security audit certification 

The SSAE-18 Type II security audit for print and mail is the most stringent level of compliance. It tests the effectiveness of internal controls and processes and reports on how the organization addresses those controls over one year. The SOC 2 Type II report outlines the service organization’s systems and processes over one year and demonstrates adherence to security and privacy policies. 

SSAE 18 Type II security audit certification for print and mail centers requires a facility to meet or exceed the objectives of the 3 SOC reporting standards. These objectives include physical security, information security, and data confidentiality. Other requirements include masked SSNs, Uninterruptible Power Supply, and 24-hour workflow management. This type of certification is only available to print and mail centers between December 1 and March 11, 2022. 

Importance of outsourcing print and mail services 

Outsourcing print and mail services can significantly reduce your overhead costs. Outsourcing reduces labor costs by eliminating payroll and inventory. Outsourcing also eliminates peak period overtime expenses. A healthy print and mail operation produces approximately a million pieces a day, making it difficult to compete with outsourced mail volumes. Outsourcing your mail allows you to take advantage of lower postal rates and lower costs by negotiating volume discounts. Outsourcing printing services can provide you with a higher quality product than you could achieve on your own. 

Outsourcing printing and mailing services can help you avoid costly errors and improve your customer service. Mailing involves a lot of repetitive tasks, and investing in new equipment can be expensive. Outsourcing the job also frees up your employees for other tasks. You can also rest assured that the service provider will handle any last-minute request or emergency quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing companies have trained operators, advanced technology, and expert knowledge of the industry.