What Does Certificate of Mailing Do? 

A Certificate of Mailing is a useful document that proves that a mail item was delivered to its intended recipient. It can be used for internal accountability and to meet legal obligations. It can also prove that mail is delivered to certain people or addresses, which is useful if the recipient doesn’t keep track of it.

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Proof of mailing 

A certificate of mailing service is a postal form that a mailer can request. It must include the recipient’s signature and other pertinent information. Depending on the legal requirements, this service can be used to prove the mailing of a letter. The USPS offers a variety of proof of mailing products. 

Obtaining a certificate of mailing is a good idea for several reasons. For one, it can provide proof of mailing, and it can be valuable in a legal dispute. Although postal service providers are known to deliver mail accurately, mistakes can still happen. For example, your mailer could be shipped to the wrong address, or it could get lost or destroyed. If this happens, it can result in a fine. Another good reason to use a certificate of mailing service is peace of mind. 


The cost of a certificate of mailing service is dependent on several factors, including the size of the shipment and whether it is for an individual letter or a grouping. A basic form costs $1.50, but the price can increase if you send a lot of letters. A larger shipment will likely cost more, but you won’t pay more than $3 for each certificate. You can also add signature confirmation and a return receipt for an extra fee. 

A certificate of mailing service is a useful tool for eCommerce merchants because it proves that a package has been sent. However, the USPS certificate of mailing service doesn’t guarantee that the package will arrive on the specified date. Furthermore, you can’t use it as insurance for the loss of the package. 

Obtaining one 

Obtaining a certificate of mailing service is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your mail will arrive safely. While USPS mailers are generally delivered correctly, occasionally mailers get lost, destroyed, or shipped to the wrong address. This can result in the loss of important documents. Obtaining a certificate of mailing is a great way to prove the authenticity of your mail and protect your investment from losses. 

When mailing international bulk mail, you will need to obtain a certificate of mailing. This is a formal record of mailing that shows the recipient’s signature and the date it was received. This certificate is also an important document to keep as proof that your mailing has been sent successfully. 

Common uses 

A certificate of mailing service proves that a mailing was sent on a specified date, which can be useful for many business purposes. For instance, eCommerce businesses may request a certificate of mailing to ensure that their customer orders were successfully delivered. In addition, some eCommerce businesses might also choose to purchase shipping insurance. These services are generally inexpensive and easy to obtain. While there is no legal requirement to use a certificate of mailing service, proper preparation can prevent serious consequences when mail is lost or stolen. 

While postal service providers are well known for providing accurate mail delivery, there are still instances where mailers are lost, misplaced, or shipped to the wrong address. This can be particularly critical when a mailer contains a vital document or information. In these situations, a certificate of mailing is an invaluable tool. 

Difference between certified mail and certificate of mailing 

Certified mail and certificate of mailing service are two different USPS services, and while many people assume they are the same, they are very different. The USPS sometimes has trouble keeping them straight. In the past, the company has accidentally charged customers $0.50 for certified mail when they mailed the item with the Certificate of Mailing service. That misunderstanding can be avoided by learning the differences between these services. 

While Registered Mail was invented in 1865, certified mail was not available until 1955. Though both services are similar, the primary difference between them is that registered mail provides the sender with proof of mailing, while certified mail does not. It also provides the delivery date and time information as well as attempts to deliver the item. Registered mail is more expensive than certified mail, but it is more secure. In addition, both services offer caged delivery notifications.