What Does a Bang Tail Direct Mailer Look Like? 

Using bang-tail envelopes in your direct marketing campaigns can be a worthwhile move. The most common uses are by mail banking services and credit card offers. These envelopes are the oh-so-rare but very effective paper folding devices. They are also used for self-mailers, such as postcards, as well as for other forms of direct mail. They are usually the smallest of the big three: letters, postcards, and flyers. 

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There are several variations of the bang tail. For example, the front and back of the envelope may be made of the same paper. The envelope may be a single sheet, a two-sheet mailer, or a tri-fold. It is important to ensure that the envelope closes securely. A flap on the envelope may be used to help prevent glue dots from sticking to the top of the bangtail. 

The bang tail is a semi-free flap that is located along the top inside edge 145 of the mailer. This flap may be positioned in an unorthodox manner, such as in a crease, to facilitate the removal of the bangtail. Alternatively, the flap may be positioned in a traditional manner, such as on the inside of the envelope. The most common and logical method of handling the flap is to fold it into the envelope. It is best to consult with a bindery specialist who can assist you with the best possible design for your envelopes. The mailer may be of any type, including envelopes for direct mail, business correspondence, and promotional mailings. The best way to maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns is to design them using only the finest paper and ink available. The most effective envelopes will display your most pertinent information clearly and concisely while providing a high level of security. 

The best way to achieve the desired result is to employ the services of a reputable bindery specialist who will make sure your envelopes are produced promptly and on budget. Aside from the envelope itself, a bang tail can be used as an add-on to other elements of your direct mail campaign, thereby improving your overall response rates. The best part is that they are not limited to the financial services industry. They can be used by non-profit organizations, as well. The bang tail is one of the few paper-folding devices that are not only functional but also visually pleasing. It may be used in conjunction with other direct mail elements such as brochures, advertisements, or mailers for credit card offers.