How does Towne Mailer work For Small Businesses?

While large corporations have the resources and infrastructure to handle large mailings, small businesses are often forced to cut costs and spend less on capital investment. Church groups are also under pressure to keep costs low, but need to mail monthly newsletters. Even non-profit start-ups need to keep a close eye on every penny they spend. This is where Towne Mailer comes into play.

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Presorted First Class Mail is best for large mailings 

If you are planning a large mailing, Towne Mailer Presorted First Class Mail can meet your needs. Presorted mail can guarantee a faster delivery rate than regular mail, which means that you can increase your response rates and keep your cash flow flowing. Using this service will also help you save money on envelopes and stamps. It also offers the added advantage of faster delivery, which means that customers will be able to pay you faster. 

This service will save you money on postage because each piece of mail is presorted. It uses a barcode to identify the address and groups the mail accordingly. Because it identifies the address of each piece of mail, it will be delivered faster and with a higher response rate. Mail that reaches clients quickly increases the likelihood that they will pay their bills, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow and bottom line.