What Day of the Week Do People Get Less Direct Mail?

Do you know what day of the week people get the least amount of direct mail? It is Sunday – a day that people are in the weekend mode, so they’ll simply toss it into the trash. It’s a fact that people get less direct mail on Sundays compared to any other day. And it costs you more to mail direct mail on Sundays than on any other day.

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It seems obvious, but the answer is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. People look forward to the weekend, so Friday mail isn’t likely to be opened. And while people aren’t completely out of work on Saturday, most are away from home, so mail on those days is unlikely to reach recipients. But what day of the week do people get the most direct mail? We answer these questions in this article, and more!


It is said that Tuesday is the day people get the least direct-mail pieces. This is because most people are in weekend mode and won’t open mail on this day. In addition, Monday is the busiest day of the week, so direct-mail pieces will likely be tossed in the bin. So, it would be best to send mail on a different day. It is best to send direct mail on a Tuesday or Thursday.


When it comes to sending direct mail, the best day to do it is a Tuesday. This is because most people don’t like getting mail on Monday, so a mailer sent on that day will likely get ignored. Moreover, the post office will also charge more on a Monday. And since most people are working on a Tuesday, it makes sense to send your mailer on a different day.


When sending direct mail, keep in mind that the most successful campaigns are those that are sent on a non-traditional day. Most people do not appreciate receiving mail on Mondays, and if you are planning on sending mail on a Friday, make sure that you don’t send it on a Monday or a Saturday. Since the mail will take time to transfer to the recipient’s mailbox, it is best to send it on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.


The reason for this is that most people do not open mail on Friday, as it’s the last day of the week. Most people look forward to the weekend, so they aren’t likely to open it. Similarly, people usually don’t open mail on Saturdays. In addition, most people aren’t at home on Sunday, so your mail will not reach your intended audience. Fortunately, there are ways to make your direct mail stand out from the rest of the mail pile on Sunday.


It is well known that Saturday is the day when people receive the least direct mail. While this fact may seem counterintuitive, it is true. The Postal Service says Saturday has the lowest volume of mail each day because most people are home to receive mail on Saturday. The post office is also crowded on Saturday, so reducing Saturday delivery would only serve to further clog its facilities. But, the day is also crucial to many advertising mailers and periodicals.