What Are the Limitations of Direct Mail? 

Direct mail is a solid medium that customers will be able to keep for a long time. This makes it a good choice for reinforcing your message and call to action. Creative direct mail artwork will motivate customers to take action. You can personalize your direct mail through varied images and text. You can also include interesting formats.

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44 percent of direct mail is never opened 

Across the globe, people are turning away from traditional marketing techniques. Rising consumerism and the global economic crisis have shifted customers’ values and beliefs, making them less willing to believe in the messages in TV ads and direct mail. In fact, according to Mashable, nearly 86 percent of consumers skip ads on television. In addition, 79 percent of consumers spend more than 50 percent of their shopping time researching products, and they look for helpful reviews on social media. As a result, direct marketing has become less effective and costs more per lead. 

The low response rate is another reason that recipients often lump direct mail with junk mail. If the recipients don’t recognize the return address, they may simply throw the piece into the trash. It’s estimated that 44 percent of direct mail is never opened, resulting in a waste of time and money. If your company isn’t using direct mail, you should consider doing so. Direct mail can be used for a variety of purposes: boosting lead generation campaigns, nurturing existing leads, and delivering high-value resources to current clients. 

44 percent of direct mail is never scanned 

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach your audience. Yet, there are still plenty of reasons why most people don’t read their direct mail. First of all, it was expensive. You’re spending money and time to create the direct mail piece. Secondly, many people toss it in the trash because they don’t recognize the return address and don’t expect information on the subject. 44 percent of direct mail is never opened! 

However, direct mail remains popular with consumers of all ages. The average American household receives about 2 pieces of direct mail a day. Direct mail is also more engaging and easier to open than e-mails. Research from Canada Post shows that more people open and read their direct mail than emails. In addition, the average household keeps their advertising mail for an average of 17 days. 

44 percent of direct mail is never read 

44 percent of direct mail is never read. The reason for this is that people tend to save promotional offers for later. They do not want to throw away a piece of mail without first looking it over. However, they do not know which pieces need attention. If this were the case, they would be more inclined to read those that they are interested in. 

The average American is exposed to thousands of advertisements each day. During the first hour of waking, they can see up to 300 ads. By contrast, direct mail is typically received after work, when there are fewer distractions. As a result, it is more likely to be read and remembered. 

The good news is that direct mail is still a highly effective channel for marketing. Compared to other marketing channels, it has a low saturation rate. This means that people of all ages respond well to direct mail. Among the older demographic, who are less likely to open the email and social media, direct mail is still the best way to learn about new products and services. Research shows that 75% of households read some mail each day. In addition, direct mail outperforms email alone.