non-profit mailingsWhat types of Businesses use the printing and mailing services that Towne Mailer offers?

That is the most fun part of our business. We have the opportunity to work with an incredibly diverse selection of businesses in an incredibly wide range of industries.

In addition to the “normal” type of client that you would think would use the printing and mailing services that Towne Mailer offers – such a medical providers, financial institutions, utilities, and governmental units – Towne Mailer’s clients include companies in the following types of businesses:

• Home & office delivery dry cleaners
• Mail order prescription businesses
• Leasing personal property businesses
• Condominium and Home Owner’s Associations
• Tire repair equipment wholesalers
• Medical equipment businesses
• High school athletic website developers
• Heating oil delivery companies
• Hardware stores
• National nonprofit business associations
• Lawn & pool maintenance businesses
• TV, phone and internet service bundling company
• Website developers
• Trade show promoters
• And on and on!

As you can see from this list, Towne Mailer can help any type of business save time, effort and money when printing and mailing invoices, statements, bills and mail merge letters.

Here are the answers to a few related questions we often get from businesses looking for printing and mailing services:

What size business do you help with printing and mailing?

We help businesses of all sizes, from international companies to small family-run and home-based businesses – and everything in between. Generally, if your business sends at least 200 pieces of mail a month, we can help you save money on your printing and mailing process.

Do you only serve local businesses?

No! While we have many local clients that we are honored to help, we work with businesses located across the country with their printing, processing, and mailing. Any business that mails letters to customers through the United States Postal Services within the United States is a business that we can assist. We even accept clients in Hawaii and Alaska. No matter where in the U.S. your customers are located, they will receive their mailings within just a few days of sending the mailing job to our team. Because our printing and processing is so fast, your customers may get their letters and statements faster than when you send them from your offices.

Do you specialize in certain types of businesses?

Over the years, we have acquired a number of clients that are in the same industries and niches, such as medical providers and utilities. But even though we attract certain types of clients, we have an extremely diverse overall clientele and are always eager to offer our services to new types of businesses.

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