non-profit mailingsJust as non-profit organizations receive special tax status and tax benefits, they also receive special treatment from the United States Postal Service (USPS). These special regulations can help not-for-profit companies save a considerable amount of money, but only if you follow their strict rules and guidelines. Non-profit bulk mail postage rates are significantly lower than the regular bulk mail postage rates.

Who is eligible for USPS non-profit prices?

Even though you may qualify as a non-profit according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you may not qualify under USPS standards. For example, some political organizations, business organizations, and recreational organizations do not qualify for non-profit mailing prices. The best way to find out if your organization qualifies is to apply for authorization.

How do we apply for USPS non-profit prices?

You cannot get non-profit mail prices without applying for authorization. Here’s what you need to complete the process:

  • A completed authorization application.
  • Copies of your organization’s formative papers.
  • An IRS letter of exemption from federal taxes.
  • Financial information from your organization.
  • Your organization’s recent activities and brochures.
  • Any other documentation that proves your non-profit status.

To keep your USPS non-profit status, you simply have to make a non-profit mailing once every two years.

What are the specifics of non-profit mail regulations?

Most of the rules for non-profit mailings are the same as the rules for standard mail mailings. However, there are two very important differences:

  • Non-profit mailings must have NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION, NONPROFIT ORG, or NONPROFIT printed either in the imprint postage indicia, on the pre-canceled stamp, as part of the meter impression, or on the mail piece near the postage area.
  • The name and address of the non-profit must be clearly shown either on the outside of the mail piece or as a prominent part of the mail’s content.

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