Proper communication is as important for the success of your business as it is for any healthy relationship. Invoices, statements, and overdue notices are vital organizational tools for your revenue cycle.

Though these documents are critical, they often place an undue burden on companies which feel ill-prepared to maintain the professional, timely flow of mail and delivery. Data indicates that the proper mail and delivery of professional-looking documents reduces delinquent payments and, consequently, increases business revenue.

A professional printing and mailing service will help mainstream the stressful process of printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing your business-critical communication. By using your existing business software system, a quality printing and mailing service can help increase effective communication and manage your revenue cycle.

How many business owners would say they are passionate about printing and mailing invoices? It is safe to say not many, if any! Most successful business owners are excited to offer a product or service which meets their clients’ needs. A printing and mailing service permits you to direct your focus and passion where it matters, on your clients! When you partner with a quality printing and mailing service to manage your invoicing schedule, you demonstrate to your clients a level of professional communication which they can trust and respect. This develops the foundation for a long-lasting relationship between you and your clients which results in more business and higher earnings.

Let’s examine how outsourcing your invoicing needs to a reputable printing and mailing service can benefit your business:


Improve The Brand Of Your Business

Reinforce your brand’s identity by personalizing your invoices. With the help of a reputable printing and mailing service, you can add your logo, color scheme, and fonts which emphasizes your brand’s voice.

With a strong business image and identity, your customers acknowledge your professionalism which increases their trust and respect in your company. Including your logo on your invoices has been shown to increases payments three-fold!

Printing and mailing services allow you to create personalized messages, such as “Thank you!” and “See you soon!” Plus, you have the option to link useful information for clients. For your clients, this changes the feeling of an invoice from being an unpaid expense to a helpful, positive experience.

These seemingly small details can amount to big results! Your brand identity has the potential to increase customer satisfaction and longevity.


Improved Security

Many people resist printing and mailing services because they are concerned about keeping their clients’ information secure. Security is critical but the right invoice printing and mailing  company has got your back.

More often than not, you and your customers’ information are far more secure than the desk drawer in your office. This day and age it is fair to be concerned about security but, when it comes to invoice processing, printing, and mailing, the right company will have the appropriate safety measures in place.


Cost Savings

We have established how convenient and timely the right invoice printing and mailing service  can be. With the time saved, your business also saves money! No longer will you or your business staff need to consume work hours with printing, stuffing, and mailing invoices. Time is money. Allow your personnel to focus their efforts on other tasks and increase  productivity! This added efficiency frees you to grow and expand your business.

Besides saving on your employees’ hourly compensation, most of your savings will come from reduced maintenance and supplies. With the high paper demands of invoices, reminders, and notices, office desktop printers need to be serviced regularly. They may even need to be replaced multiple times within a year. Ink alone costs at least twenty dollars a cartridge. And, one cartridge of ink typically prints around two hundred and twenty pages. How many pages does your office go through in a week? A month? A year? That’s not to mention the paper, envelopes, postage, return envelopes, windowed envelopes… the list is continuous…

These items not only cost money to purchase, but inventory and stocking requires space and cost man hours. The costs are exponential. It’s a very pricey process.

When you outsource your invoice needs to a printing and mailing service, you save not only time and effort, but you save on all production costs. Even if you pay no more than minimum wage, you will still pay more on just labor than if you switched to a printing and mailing service.



How many of us have had those days where we are ‘all thumbs’ and make mistakes with simple tasks? We drop a decimal, put the wrong address on the wrong form, or forget to drop something in the mail all together! We are human. It happens. even to the best of us!

One of the greatest benefits of a printing and mailing service is removing human error. Mindless work, especially, decreases our ability to focus on necessary details. Workers switch into auto-pilot and become forgetful. Why put an unnecessary burden on your employees?

With a printing and mailing service, you conveniently schedule daily, weekly, or monthly uploads via the internet, plug data into a template, and the printing and mailing service finishes the job!

Plus, you have the peace of mind that your data is secure and safe. The possibility that human error will result in the loss of confidential information is eradicated.



Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer has been dedicated to offering customers professional and personalized printing and mailing services around the country for more than 20 years.

Let us help you streamline your invoice printing and mailing process  and get you paid faster! Simplicity, reliability, and consistency are the qualities which make our process work!

We are a small business ourselves, so we know the struggles and pressures put on independent business owners. We are here to help and support you so you may spend your days doing what you do best!

Don’t you think you deserve to outsource the time consuming and costly process of invoicing?

Isn’t it time to relax and let a professional service take on that aspect of your business?

Towne Mailer is excited to absorb that responsibility! We can provide speed, security, cost savings business growth, and excellent customer service.

Call or click today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members to get started right away!



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