Since the invention of the first personal and office computer that was affordable for consumers, business owners have strived to become more innovative, more efficient, and more focused on core business practices. With the invention of computers arose the notion that paper would eventually be a thing of the past and that printing would likewise decline and be replaced with electronic data. And some of the research on the subject of the global reduction in paper usage and a move to paperless practices seemed to initially reinforce the belief that over time, paper would be replaced with all computer-based communication and data handling.

For years following the consumer computer boom in the 1980s, indeed, paper began to lose appeal. More and more businesses began transitioning to storing information on floppy discs and hard-drives instead of in filing cabinets. Mom and pop startups invested heavily in home and office computers, laser printers, and backup systems. Apple and IBM became household names and once the technology became affordable, everyone owned a home or office computer system. Then in the 1990s, almost every college student stopped writing papers in handwritten ink on paper as they quickly transitioned to computers for term papers and projects.

Throughout those two decades, libraries started to transfer everything to hard disc, getting away from old school printed index card catalogs. The music industry changed and people began to stop buying records and tapes and instead began subscribing to Napster and other online music players. And business mailing began to decline as companies started emailing and uploading content to the World Wide Web.

Fast forward to the 2010-2020 era of laptop computers and cell phone data streaming. Newspaper and magazine subscriptions have been on the downslide as more and more people are accessing their news, entertainment, and resourcing goods and services online rather than by mail, on paper, or in retail settings. Even the postal service has seen a steady decline in direct mail marketing with paper over the last several decades.

So what does the future hold for paper printing and mailing? Will it disappear altogether? Will all data eventually become paperless? Let’s look at the future trends in printing and mailing a little bit closer.

How Looking at Future Trends Can Provide Answers

Innovation in printing technology has created a climate of competition for printing and mail service providers worldwide. With the decline in paper usage, printing companies have worked tirelessly with new technology to improve print quality, excel in customer service, and expedite print turnaround times. This progress in printing and mailing has changed to benefit the customer immensely. Along with more and more choices in print and mailing services, extra freedom has become available for businesses to choose wisely when creating printed and mailed documents to send to clients.

While the customer has benefitted from myriad upgrades in technology in printing and mailing, print and mail companies have become more and more efficient and competitive to bridge the gap. And as they say, the cream must rise to the top, so there are cases where print and mailing services can no longer compete when either print quality or customer service practices cannot rise to the challenge of excellence which is demanded in this ever-changing economy.

Unlike the trend of the past of declining printing and mailing practices, there seems to be a recent increase in using paper instead of electronic methods of communication. In the years prior to this decade, conservation consciousness has been trending. Younger generations have become more and more dependent on electronic communication. So what is changing now?

Innovation And Efficiency

There are many reasons that paper printing and mailing services are experiencing a resurgence in popularity again. As the last decade has presented opportunities in advancing technology, it has also been fraught with challenges. Apple, Microsoft, and other tech companies are struggling to fulfill the high demands of consumers wanting to access higher-speed bandwidth for streaming, data storage, cloud access, and upload.

Just try to load any app on your phone or computer these days. Crashing apps, constant updates, and app incompatibility is at an all-time high. More and more consumers are getting weary of dealing with buying and upgrading new phones, new laptops and tablets, and having to deal with myriad computer viruses, SPAM, hackers, and electronic data fraud.

Personal identity theft is on the rise and consumer confidence in surging technology changes has been shaken over the past few years. More and more, both older and younger generations are turning to more reliable forms of communication such as snail mail and telephone. Interestingly, they are turning their attention back to paper, printing, mailing, card writing and sending, and more analog forms of interaction. While tech companies want us to jettison older technology, we are clinging to ways to communicate that make us feel safe, connected, and in control.

help-customers-pay-bills-fasterOlder generations are less likely to want to engage in electronic communication. They are still living with the experience of having face-to-face conversations, using a handshake to seal a deal, and calling friends and relatives on the phone. That demographic generally does not want to learn new technologies every week or year. They don’t want to upload all their sensitive and personal data to the cloud. They want their bank statements and customer correspondence to be printed and mailed for safety and ease of use. They consider themselves to be ‘old school’ and they are more likely to resist technological advancements that they feel are cumbersome or unnecessary to their quality of life.

Surprisingly, younger generations are also starting to prefer earlier methods of communication as well, but often for different reasons. With the rise of identity theft, loss of privacy both in laws being passed, and invasive facial recognition technology, younger generations long for a sense of freedom that they do not feel in today’s business environment. What some might call an antiquated technology like the record player is actually making a comeback. It has been said that technological trends are not cyclical, meaning once we have surpassed the current technology and moved forward, we never go back to older methods. Studies are showing that printing and mailing might be the best, most current example of the exceptions to that rule.

How Innovation and Excellence Holds The Keys

So how does a printing and mailing company appeal to clients in an ever-changing technological landscape? Innovation and excellence hold the keys to serving at the level that the new customer desires. What separates one print company from another includes combining the highest print quality with the best customer service.

To get the attention of the modern customer, businesses have to be the best, the brightest, the most advanced, and the most skilled at customer relations. A printing and mailing company must have a state-of-art printing facility. It must excel in organization, attention to detail, follow-through, fast turnaround, perfection in print design and quality, and so much more.

At Towne Mailer, we are leaders in our field of providing excellence in printing and mailing services. But, don’t take our word for it. We believe that your customers want to get their perfectly formatted statements, invoices, bills, marketing, and membership information sent directly to their mailboxes. It is the personal touch that the modern consumer is craving.

And at Towne Mailer, we connect you and your customers by providing the highest quality printing and the most reliable mailing available in the market today. We still believe in handshakes to seal a deal, phone calls to connect with clients, and snail mailing your Christmas cards each year. Call us old fashioned at heart, while fashion-forward in tech and service. We endeavor to offer the best of both worlds.

Towne Mailer

At Towne Mailer, located in Missoula, MT, we are serving both large and small corporations and companies all over the USA. With over twenty years of excellence in the printing and mailing service industry, we are steeped in all the most current technology and future trends. Our 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility houses the latest, greatest printing and mailing equipment in the industry. And we know how to use it. But don’t take our word for it.

Let us show you how easy it is to choose Towne Mailer to provide excellent printing and mailing services for you and your business. Reach out to us by phone – whoa! So old school! And one of our courteous customer service representatives will walk you through getting your next batch of printing and mailing ready to send. We’ll start by evaluating your needs and offering you a quote for your one-time or ongoing printing and mailing project needs.

Then we will ask you to upload a test document and once we have formatted and created a sample of our incredible print quality, we will ask you to review a proof of your document. Once you approve that proof, we guarantee that your print job will be printed and mailed to your customers within 24 hours. It’s that simple.

You can constantly upgrade, upload, download, stream, and login all you want. But make sure you bring a little of the past into the future. Your clients will appreciate your attention, your service, and your high-quality documents sent directly to them safely by mail when you choose Towne Mailer for all your printing and mailing needs.

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