Statement printing and mailing is one of the key activities that many businesses must be involved in to stay in touch and communicate important information regarding accounts, memberships, or news to clients. Though there are so many kinds of businesses that send statements, financial institutions do so quite frequently. And the expected margin of error for those types of documents is quite small.

Accuracy, timeliness, and professionalism are all of paramount importance when handling statements printed and mailed to customers. It would be stating the obvious to say that statements can either be a bolster or a buoy to a business’ reputation depending on how they are handled, what they look like, and how regularly and reliably they arrive in the client’s mailboxes.

There are many reasons that a business would wish to be relieved of the burden of preparing, printing, and mailing statements to customers from in-house. Both large corporations and small mom and pop businesses have found success in partnering with professional printing and mailing services such as what is offered by Towne Mailer. When increasing reliability, accuracy, streamlining services, and increasing both professionalism and timeliness of statements mailed are desired, outsourcing statement printing and mailing services can truly make all the difference.

Increasing Reliability

Over the last several decades, financial institutions have been some of the leaders in outsourcing services such as printing and mailing. With state-of-the-art technology making it easy to keep data secure, financial institutions are finding great success with outsourcing. Not only do they aim for increased reliability, timeliness, and professionalism, they also save a ton of money by partnering with a third party statement printing and mailing company and turning over what in the past may have been a practice both costly and time-consuming.

A bank must always send statements on time every time. There is no room for error, delay, or mistakes. Clients, especially when dealing with money, are very concerned about the safety, security, and the amount that they have in the bank or investments. Be they rich or poor, clients tend to be very particular about the “who, what, how, when and where” of their financial statements. By outsourcing the bank’s statement and mailing services, these institutions are finding that a third party mailer services such as Towne Mailer can deliver statements more reliably, more frequently, more flexibly, and with faster service all around.

One of the main reasons that a third party can promise all of this when they take over handling statement printing and mailing for a bank or financial institution is that Towne Mailer, for example, is considered to be experts in printing and mailing. Our company has refined the process to be perfectly streamlined by eliminating errors, increasing turnaround time, and reducing waste both in time and materials. And since financial institutions have the highest reputation to uphold when it comes to sending out statements, partnering with a third-party specialist that focuses its expertise only on a statement, invoice, and bill mailing and printing, it is a perfect marriage of need and solution.

Imagine how long a bank might have your business if the statements you received monthly regarding your accounts had either incorrect information, were late or missed monthly, or were unprofessionally formatted. Your confidence in the organization would be shot from the word GO! These are only some of the reasons that outsourcing printing and mailing to an expert in the field of statement printing and mailing is beneficial.

Increasing Timeliness

print and mail servicesThough it may be once again stating the obvious to mention that sending timely statements is a must for any financial institution, it cannot be stated enough. Trust, confidence, and certainty can be instilled in the client when their statements arrive on time every month. There is no reason for late statements. However, you’d be surprised by the types of difficulties a financial institution might have in getting their statements printed and mailed on time each month when they try to handle it in-house.

When one or more employees in-house are relied upon to process monthly statements for clients, there is a significant burden placed on them to perform on time, every time. If an employee is sick, hospitalized, goes on vacation or has a family emergency, their ability to follow through with the time-consuming process is halted. Other employees must be trained on the process and would have to follow through with the task. By outsourcing statement printing and mailing to a third party company with twenty employees and streamlined statement printing and mailing services, there is literally no chance of a disruption interfering with the monthly statement mailing.

Increasing Professionalism

Since a professional printing and mailing company such as Towne Mailer has significantly invested in the best equipment, printing machines, and formatting and printing gear, the professionalism of the statements that are generated become better than what anyone could produce in-house. Producing the highest quality is the specialty of Towne Mailer, so clients can receive the most professional statements mailed directly to them every time.

When a bank or financial institution partners with a highly respected printing and mailing business such as Towne Mailer, the bank can get back to doing the business that they are experts in handling investments and money. Instead of putting forth so many resources in printing and mailing equipment, and the significant employee hours that it takes to accomplish the monthly statement mailing, the bank refocuses its energy on client income health and account management. It’s a win-win.

Imagine seeing the most beautifully formatted and mailed statements being sent to your clients each and every time. The faith, confidence, and security that can offer your clients are of paramount significance toward increasing the reputation of your financial institution. Your business will grow almost naturally from the sense of stability your clients feel by receiving excellent statements in their mailboxes delivered each month on time.

Decreasing Costs in Time and Money

The bottom line of partnering with a third party statement printing and mailing company is that it saves money and time all around for the financial institution. And since financial institutions are in the business to make money, it makes sense that it would benefit from partnering and outsourcing their printing and mailing of statements with a specialty company such as Towne Mailer. From saving time on employee hours doing menial and repetitive tasks to saving money on the purchase of expensive printing equipment, it is easy to see how much better the process of statement printing and mailing can be when the work is hired out to the best printing and mailing company in the business, such as Towne Mailer.

The process is so easy. Once your financial institution contacts Towne Mailer to set up a batch of statements to print and mail to your clients, the following monthly statements are so quick and easy to update and send. It starts with Towne Mailer asking your financial institution to upload a test document to the Towne mailer server. Once it has been formatted and is ready for printing, you’ll receive a proof of the document to review. Once you approve it, it is sent out to your client within about 24-hours.

For the small investment of hiring a local, professional statement printing and mailing business such as Towne Mailer, your client documents will be professionally formatted and expertly printed then swiftly and regularly mailed on time to your clients every time. These are the benefits of using a service such as Towne Mailer to handle your financial institution’s statement printing and mailing.

Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer is a locally owned and operated professional printing and mailing company located in Missoula, MT. Serving clients all around the United States, our state-of-the-art 7,000 square foot printing and mailing warehouse is capable of handling everything from the smallest to the largest orders from both local mom and pop businesses to huge corporations alike. Our well-trained, courteous and knowledgeable staff has over 20 years of experience in the field of printing and mailing, so we know firsthand how to execute each order with timeliness, reliability, and professionalism.

When you partner with the best in the business of statement printing and mailing, you can rest easy knowing that we will follow through with our promises. It is our mission to relieve your business of mundane, repetitive tasks so that you can get back to the business that you are in, no matter what size organization you may have. With our years of experience coupled with our commitment to excellence, your orders are as important to us as they are to you.

When you reach out to contact us either by phone or email, we will walk you through the easy setup process to get you going right away. And generating new statements each month will be easier after your accounts are securely updated in our facility. Our no-obligation quote system allows you to give us a try without any risk to you. If you are not completely satisfied with our documents, there is no pressure to place the order. We promise excellence at every step of the process. Call Towne Mailer today for a free quote!

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