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Keeping your HOA members informed, up-to-date, and involved is an important, ongoing challenge for homeowners’ association boards. Making certain that your homeowners pay their dues on time is also critical to your organization and ongoing success.

At Towne Mailer, we specialize in helping HOAs with all of their mail processing needs, from HOA statement processing to printing and mailing HOA announcements and newsletters. Our fast and efficient services can ensure that your members are informed – and that they receive clear, timely, well-designed billing statements each month.

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Utilize Our HOA Mail Processing Services & Save

When your outsource your HOA mail processing to us, you will immediately see benefits: you will save time, you will save money, and you will get peace of mind that your statements and documents are going to your members quickly and accurately.

We help HOAs across the country with a variety of statement mailings and letter mailings, including:

• HOA dues and billing statements.
• HOA general announcements and news bulletins.
• HOA informational packets for new owners.
• HOA ballots and board election information.
• HOA bulk mail.
• HOA direct mail.
• HOA late payment notices.
• HOA violation notices.
• HOA meeting and event invitations.
• HOA meeting agendas and meeting minutes.

In addition to printing and mailing your statements and letters, our team is also happy to help you with a number of additional services, including statement design, mail regulations, and printing statements in Spanish.

Our Printing, Processing & Mailing System

How does HOA statement outsourcing work? On your end, the process is extremely simple: each month, upload your members’ statements onto our secure server – a task that takes just a few minutes. After the upload is complete, our Towne Mailer team will:

• Review your documents to check accuracy and quality.
• Print your documents on our high-speed machines.
• Conduct a second quality assurance check.
• Fold, process, address, and sort your letters.
• Deliver your pre-sorted mail to the post office for quick delivery.
• Deliver several mail processing reports to you, including a list of bad addresses.

We normally get your completed statements delivered to the post office within about 24 hours of receiving your job – and that your HOA members will receive their mailings within a few days. All you have to do is provide us with your information at the beginning of the job and review your job reports at the conclusion of the process.

Can your HOA board save time and money by outsourcing your billings statement jobs and mailings? The best way to find out definitively is by requesting a free quote from Towne Mailer. We will put together a no-obligation trial run of one of your mailings and tell you exactly how much you can save by using our services.

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