Why You Should Include a Proof of Service Form When Mailing? 

Whether you’re mailing a letter, a bill, or a legal notice, you should always include a proof of service form with your mailing. The form serves as objective third-party evidence and can even be used as evidence in court. It’s especially useful if you’re dealing with government agencies. Sometimes, these agencies claim that they’ve misplaced your mail, which is frustrating and annoying, especially if you’re not accustomed to dealing with it.

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Three people are required to sign the affidavit of service 

The affidavit of service is a legal document filed in court with the court. It serves as proof that legal papers were delivered to a person. It is usually signed by a police officer or private process server. In certain situations, it can also be signed by an employee of a newspaper. The person mailing the document also signs the form. The party filing the document may also add a certificate of service. The certificate of service does not have to be notarized. 

You can use a certificate of mailing as proof of mailing 

A certificate of mailing is an important document that verifies the mailing date. While you may not need it for every mailing, it’s a good idea to have one if your mailing is worth a lot of money. The certificate is inexpensive and easy to get. 

There are several ways to use a certificate of mailing. First, you can take a physical trip to the post office to collect it. Each certificate will have the sender’s and recipient’s addresses and will be postmarked with the date and time the mail was sent. Once you have the certificate, you can use it as proof of mailing in court or arbitration. 

The certificate of mailing is an important document for many reasons. It proves that your mail was sent, which can be important if a package is lost or stolen. While most postal service providers strive to deliver mail promptly, there are times when things go wrong. Sometimes mailers get lost, shipped to the wrong address, or destroyed. If your mailer contains a critical document, you could be liable for its loss. Having a certificate of mailing as proof of mailing will save you from this unpleasant situation.