Court Mail ProcessingAt Towne Mailer, we specialize in helping city courts, county courts, district courts, and state courts with printing and mailing services for sending out their jury service questionnaires and jury duty notices. Our services ensure that your jury pool and selected jurors receive all of their court-related notices quickly and accurately, making certain that your jurors are informed, on time, and aware of their duties.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Court Mail Processing

Why should courts consider outsourcing their jury service document printing, mailing, and processing? Here are a few reasons our current clients use our services:

  • Fast turnaround. We guarantee that your job will be complete within 48 hours from the time we receive it, no matter what. This includes printing, processing, and mailing your documents.
  • Secure servers. We understand that court documents may contain sensitive and private information. For this reason, our clients can upload their print jobs onto our secure server and be absolutely confident that their documents are kept confidential.
  • Mailing reports. Do you have jurors or prospective jurors claiming that they never receive your mailing? Our mail reports clearly document what has been mailed and flag wrong addresses. You will have proof that jurors received mailings.
  • Less money spent. Because of our highly efficient mail processing system and our ability to pre-sort our mail, we can mail your questionnaire or notice for much less than you can. Court systems can save money and lend a hand to their usually tight budgets.
  • Less labor wasted. If we process and mail your questionnaires and notices, you have less paperwork to handle and your workers can focus on more specialized tasks. After you have uploaded your documents, you are done!

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You may think that you are saving money by doing your mail processing in-house, but that is probably not the case. Find out quickly, once and for all, whether you can cut costs by taking a task off of your plate. Contact us today at 877.882.6245 to request a free quote and to find out exactly how much you can save by using our services.