How to Negotiate Payment Terms on an Invoice When Second Mailing? 

If you receive an invoice, pay it as soon as you can. Many companies have different payment terms that make it easier for you to pay your invoice quickly. These include Net 30, Net 60, and Net 90. You can also find invoices with payment terms such as EOM (end of the month), 15 MFI (mid-month invoice), or 2/10 Net 30 (2% discount for payment within 10 days). In some cases, you may also find invoices with payment terms such as COD or CND (cash next delivery), which are usually reserved for recurring deliveries. 

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Paying invoices on time 

The best way to ensure that your clients pay your invoices on time is to offer them several options for payment. This will allow them to select the most convenient payment option for them and make their payment quickly and easily. You can also offer them the option to automatically schedule their payment. 

Penalties for missed or late payments 

Penalties for missed or late payments on your invoice can be a frustrating part of running your business. If you have to chase a late payment, this can be a huge headache. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a guide that will help you handle missed payments and make them an inconvenience instead of a pain. 

Early payment discounts 

Early payment discounts on invoices are a great way to encourage customers to pay on time. These discounts usually involve a small percentage of the invoice amount, but they can mean big savings for customers. This is an effective way to improve your cash flow and make large invoices easier to collect. 

Automated bill payments 

Setting up automatic bill payments can be a great convenience, but you have to be careful not to overuse this service. You need to monitor your account activity, particularly when it comes to making payments on credit cards. You can also set up an alert for your bank account, so you can be notified if there are any unauthorized transactions. This will help you avoid overdraft fees when you make automatic bill payments. 


Cash-in-advance payment methods allow buyers to make payments in advance of receiving the purchased goods. This type of payment method is commonly associated with online marketplaces and international trade. However, there are risks associated with it. 

Letters of credit 

Letters of credit are a great way to reduce the risk of doing business, but they only work if all the details are correct. A minor mistake can wipe out all the advantages. These documents are a common practice among exporters and importers to reduce their risk when doing business abroad. Working with buyers overseas is risky because even though they may have good intentions, there is always the risk of political unrest and business problems.