Medical Equipment Providers: Outsource Your Print and Mail Services To Save Time & Money

Medical equipment suppliers have an extremely important job: providing m individuals across the nation with the equipment and materials they need to keep them healthy and well.

Medical equipment and supply companies have a large volume of responsibilities, from ensuring that their customers have the exact volume and type of supplies that they need to function, from helping their customers pinpoint their medical supply needs. With so many moving parts, it can be difficult to focus on one of the biggest tasks tied to the company’s success: printing and mailing out bills, invoices and statements.

Outsourcing Print and Mail Processing With Towne Mailer

If your medical supply or medical equipment business sends more than 200 bills, invoices, statements, and letters each month, outsourcing this task to a business like Towne Mailer can save you both time and money, each and every month. Here’s how:

  • We print and mail your letters, invoices, statements and bills for less. Because we have the ability and space to buy supplies in bulk, our high-speed machinery, and our highly efficient process, we can print and mail for less, and we pass on a significant part of those savings to you.
  • We can save you time. Imagine that instead of taking on the entire printing and mailing process, your employees simply had to upload your data onto our HIPAA compliant secure server and, a day later, review our reports regarding your mailing job.
  • We can save you space. Instead of dedicating expensive space to storage, printing, and mail processing, use your square footage for something else, like expanding your business or storing more inventory.
  • We print and mail faster. Your customers will get their bills, invoices, statements faster, which leads to faster payments and better communication with customers.
  • We keep quality high. Our process includes multiple quality checks that eliminate mistakes and delays. Our job reports further guarantee that mistakes aren’t made–and in the rare event that they are, they are caught and corrected quickly before mailing.
  • We focus on customer care. Our customers come first, and our exceptional customer service reflects that. We take pride in getting to know each of our clients and their needs, and building relationships that last for years.

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We know that you are primarily concerned with getting your customers and clients the medical supplies and equipment that they need in a fast and professional manner. We want to partner with you so that you don’t have to spend more time or money than you have to when it comes to printing and mailing your statements and bills. Contact us today to request a free quote by filling out our online contact form or by call us at 877.882.6245.

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