Industries We Serve: Dental Providers

Dental providers have their hands full–both with making certain that their patients get the care they need and with the large volumes of paperwork that come with being a part of the medical industry. While dentists and dental assistants work hard to care for their patients, office managers and office workers are busy filing paperwork, making appointments (and appointment reminds) and dealing with insurance companies.
With so much important work to do, it can be difficult to find time to find time to print and mail of your patient statements in your dental office. At Towne Mailer, we specialize in helping dental offices to print and mail their patient statements.

We have worked with:
• Dentists.
• Dental offices.
• Orthodontists.
• Dental surgeons.
• Oral surgeons.
• Maxillofacial surgeons.
• Periodontists. • Pediatric dentistry offices.
• Prosthodontists.

Taking the Task of Printing and Mailing Patient Statements Off Your Plate 
Using Towne Mailer’s services, you simply upload your patient billing information you need to print and mail to our secure server and we do the rest. Your patients get statements in just a few days and you don’t have to worry about printing, folding, stuffing, metering, or mailing them.

We help dentists and dental offices with a range of mail items, including: 
• Statements.
• Invoices.
• Appointment reminders.
• Newsletters.
• Letters.
• Notices.
• Marketing pieces.

The Big Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Bills and Dental Statements 
Why should your dental office consider outsourcing the printing and mailing of its bills and statements?

There are more reasons than you might think. Here are the biggest ones:
• You save time. Imagine replacing your entire printing and mail process with the simple task of just uploading your data to your outsourcing provider like Towne Mailer. Because we specialize in what we do, and own special equipment, we can do it much faster than you can, freeing up hours for your primary business and getting mail to your patients faster.

• You save money. We have printing and mailing down to a fine science that shaves pennies off of our costs every step of the way. Not only will you get lots of hours back by handing off this task, but you will also spend less to get it done.

• You create better focus. Since printing and mailing patient statements isn’t a full-time job at your office, chances are that you have employees disrupting their day to get this task done. By using Towne Mailer your office staff can focus on their other responsibilities and juggle less.

• You improve accuracy. We have a system of security measures and quality assurance checks that prevent mistakes before they happen and catch any that do go wrong before it really matters. Not only can you be sure that your mailing went out correctly, but we will prove it to you by providing you with detailed reports.

• You improve cash flow. When you send out your patient statements on a fast, accurate, and regular schedule, your patients pay you faster and more consistently, improving your business’ cash flow. It’s a difference that can help you plan your future and expand your business.

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