How to Write US Mailing Address?

If you have a package sent to you need to know how to write a US mailing address, and you have come to the right place. The process is simple. You just need to follow some guidelines. You need to include your state and the two-letter abbreviation for your state, such as MA for Massachusetts. Then, you need to include the five-digit ZIP code. You can also include an extended ZIP code, which includes a hyphen and an additional four digits. However, these are not required.

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Anglicized version of the country name 

When writing US mailing addresses, make sure to use the Anglicized version of the country name. For example, the country name Mexico is spelled with an acute accent. The ‘e’ is omitted in some examples to make it easier to read. In addition, Mexico has states, so the country name should be accompanied by state and city names. Mexico City is a sub-district of the federal district, similar to Washington DC in the United States and Canberra ACT in Australia. 

If you must use a country name, make sure to include the Anglicized version of the country name. This is so the USPS can read and understand your mail. The Anglicized version of the country name is not only easier to read, but also more recognizable to most people. The USPS lists acceptable names for each country. If you’re not sure, check out USPS’s list to learn more about the appropriate names. 

Anglicized version of the state name 

When writing a mailing address, use the Anglicized version of your state’s name. You can abbreviate the state name with the postal abbreviation. Postal abbreviations are generally acceptable, but when in doubt, spell them out. This style guide can help you make the right choice for your mailing address. There are several different ways to abbreviate your state name. 

If you are sending mail to a foreign country, use the Anglicized form of the state name. The postal service prefers to use an Anglicized version of the state name. The following guidelines apply to the Anglicized version of state names. The U.S. postal service does not require that the state name is in lowercase. Instead, you can use the Anglicized version to make it easier for your recipient to read your mail. 

Anglicized version of the city 

In Europe, the anglicized version of city names has become a norm. Some of the best-known anglicized names have remained in common use for decades, displacing local names in many cases. But what about those foreign city names that have been Anglicized? How do you know which one to use? Read on to learn more about this common practice.